Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! (10 Awesome Things You Can Expect In Sex & Romance On MissMalini.com!)

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! (10 Awesome Things You Can Expect In Sex & Romance On MissMalini.com!)

Malini Agarwal
Let’s talk about sex baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things, that may be
Let’s talk about sex!

Yes. Lets talk about sex. Because it’s time people. That’s why. To be honest, I’ve been blogging about all this mushy stuff for years now. We just never really got down and dirty with it on the blog :P but seeing as it’s almost 2015 and clearly, you have questions; I think, it’s time. So what’s in store for MissMalini.com‘s spanking (oh stop) new section for Sex & Romance? Well whatever you want there to be, and then some! Here’s a small sampling of the kind of stuff we have in mind. What would be swell (giggling? really? Are we 12?!) would be if you could leave a comment below with what else you want to see? (Aka I’ll show you mine if you show me yours :P)

1. Romance & Sexuality.

Well obviously! Funnily enough this appears to have now brought me full circle in my Bombay life! When I first got into entertainment, I got a job at MTV India and my business card said Channel Head – Romance & Sexuality, MTV India. It was over a decade ago and in hindsight, quite ahead of its time :)

2. Reality Bites!

Oh yes it does (and sometimes so does s/he!) We promise to give you the good, the bad AND the ugly in equal measure so you in turn may actually improve your dating skills, sexual prowess and overall romance rating! Sound good? Now boyfriend-who-thinks-he’s-too-good-in-bed, please read THIS. It’s time for some #RealTalk!

3. Myths & Facts.

Do girls like sex as much as boys do? Can you get pregnant even if he wears a condom? Do men cheat more than women? Is having too much sex bad for you? Its time someone set the record straight! Psst! AND OUR SECRET STUD IS BACK, YAY!

4. Ek Ladka Aur Ek Ladki…

…kabhi dost nahi ho sakte! Yes, yes. We will be attempting to answer this age-old adage, just for you!

5. Awkward.

Love (and sex) is a beautiful thing. But lets face it kids. It can be awkward as f*ck. (Um, ok pun intended.) So what if you could share some of the shame and then we’d just ALL feel better together right? Deal! We’ll have an anonymous e-post box for you to contact soon!

6. The Mushy Stuff, SRK Style!

Oh don’t you worry, we’re a bunch of big gushy marshmallows over here (well MOST of us, anyway!) So expect a whole lot of emo action with stuff like the 10 Signs You’re Falling In Love According To Bollywood and 15 Dating Tips From Bollywood You Can Actually Use! In fact, we’ve even made a list of The Most Dateable Boys In Bollywood and the girls to match! What else do you need? Tell us quick!

7. The Breakup Survival Kit.

We’re all guilty of singing It Must Have Been Love at the top of our lungs, admit it, it helps. So here you go – 10 Best Break-up Songs To Listen To While Nursing That Broken Heart. In fact we’ve even got you covered for movie night.

8. Just Call Me Hitch!

And if you happen to be flying solo, perhaps we can help you find Mr (or Mrs.) Right, or perhaps even Right Now? Everything from The 7 Types of Indian Guys You Meet on Tinder and 7 Very Bollywood Reasons to Date a Gujarati Girl to Survival Tips for Men! How to Ask a Question to a Woman. :P

9. Star Gazing.

Move over Linda Goodman it’s time horoscopes got a little sexy! Stay tuned to get yours ;)

10. Arranged Marriage

Remember THIS guy? Well if you wan gal (or bwoy) to marry or you just want to know about arranged marriages in the modern age then we’ve got your back too!

Now don’t forget to tell me what we’re missing. From a topic series to a blog title, leave it below and let us know! xoxo