Littleshilpa Fashion (Source |
Littleshilpa Fashion (Source |

Recently I watched the new Anne Hathaway movie, Interstellar and I suddenly have this overwhelming urge to dig out those moon boots. Fashion today has gotten a little spacey where metallics have landed all over the runway and I must say they’re not planning to take off anytime soon. Whatever your style, designers have surely revamped metallics on the runway and their presence in our lives doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So, we may as well strap ourselves in and enjoy the ride. After all shiny things ain’t that bad, right?

Here are 5 designer’s whose creations will take you to the moon.

Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal wowed us with a very futuristic collection at WIFW SS 14, playing with illusion and sheer fabrics that made it one of the most loved spacey collections of all time.

Kanishtha Dhankar in Amit Aggarwal WIFW SS 2014
Kanishtha Dhankar in Amit Aggarwal WIFW SS 2014 ( Source |

Manish Arora

Have you ever imagined eating candy in space? If you haven’t you might as well witness the Manish Arora space age collection. It’s a serious beauty!

Manish Arora Fashion
Manish Arora Fashion (Source |

Namrata Joshipura

The talented Namrata Joshipura never fails to surprise us. This time around the designer seemed to have dressed the Queen of Sheba in space age inspired fashion and I absolutely adore it!

Surelee Joseph in Namrata Joshipura (Source | Joshipura)

Gaurav Gupta

If I would ever wear a cape, it would have to be this one! Gaurav Gupta‘s model from the future, shined in metallic gold silhouettes wearing a black cape with 3D metal embroidery. Jaw drops!

Kanishtha Dhankar in Gaurav Gupta
Kanishtha Dhankar in Gaurav Gupta (Source |


One designer whose creativity can flow and make her ideas become reality, is littleshilpa. Shilpa Chavan‘s headgears could totally account for the new space age trend. Devil from the future, ain’t it?

Littleshilpa Fashion
Littleshilpa Fashion ( Source |

Are you ready to shine in some fashion from the future? – Beam me up, because I sure am!