5 Types Of Girls You Should Definitely Take A Trip With!

Shreemi Verma , 20 Nov 2014
Evelyn Sharma, Pia Trivedi, Rochelle Rao and Mehak Chahal
Evelyn Sharma, Pia Trivedi, Rochelle Rao and Mehak Chahal

Brace yourselves, winter is coming.. and with winter comes vacations! Yay! So what exactly are you waiting for? Start making a list of excuses and fake illnesses to avoid work and make sure you and your gang of girls are all set to have the time of your lives. Now all of us have different groups of friends (childhood, college, work etc) so here’s a list of the type of girlfriends you should definitely take a trip with, because with their powers combined you can totally summon Captain Planet. Alright not him, but you will surely have the best trip of your life!

1) The spirited one!

This girl will be the one who will try everything at least once, even if the other girls stubbornly remain lazy beach bums. She’ll push you in the right direction and if you listen to her or try the things she tells you to do, your trip will be the best thing to happen in your life!

2) The mysterious one!

She’s a mystery, even to her bestest friends. No one knows what’s going on in her head and that’s what makes her the most interesting and intriguing person to be with! Pick her brains while lazing around and you will have a different perspective on life. So enlightening, so amazing, so cool.

3) The romantic one!

Because seeing things with love glasses on is a very cool way to live your life! Even if you are a hardened, cynical person who is pretty immune to the ways of the world, a person who sees the romance in everything is a very cool travel buddy.

4) The impulsive one!

She’s the life and soul of your trip! She’ll be the first one to sample the ‘exotic‘ cuisine of the place, she’ll be the first one to try out any adventurous activity and she’ll basically the first one who will make the decision to go for a trip! Seriously, the impulsive ones are the most fun ones!

5) You!

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Because you are the best! The perfect balance, the perfect person!

Now that you know what the perfect combination is, start planning your trip NOW! Till then, don’t forget tune in to FOX Life to catch the premiere of Life Mein Ek Baar featuring the romantic Evelyn Sharma, the spirited Rochelle Rao, the impulsive Pia Trivedi and the mysterious Mehak Chahal on 26 November 2014 and will air every Wednesday & Thursday at 10 pm and get inspired to take the greatest trip of your life!

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