You Are Going To Love This Smart Phone Reminder! #GeekLove

You Are Going To Love This Smart Phone Reminder! #GeekLove

Malini Agarwal

Ok, this just made my YEAR!

First because my Obi-Wan Kenobi aka Sujal Shah (MissMalini Media‘s new head of strategy) has been imparting such sweet, sweet wisdom to the Team MissMalini girls :) And second, because my delightfully snarky 20-something fashion bloggette, Sheefa Gilani, came up with this simple (but genius!) phone reminder, to love and respect herself in case she ever forgets!

Seriously, I am a little teary-proud and MAD IMPRESSED at the same time because WHAT A GENIUS IDEA to set phone reminders for ourselves that aren’t work or “appointment” related in the traditional way? Why not set reminders about the things that REALLY matter? Wouldn’t that be a really clever way to use your “Smart” Phone?

Raise your hand if you’re a Fly Guy/Girl!

Now do me a favour everyone and leave me a comment below with the reminder you plan to set for yourself (you can even add a screenshot if you like!) Oooh and better yet, steal your BFF, mom, sister, boyfriend or Bæ’s phone and leave them a reminder too!

Well done team awesome, I think you just kicked off a #HappinessProject for all of us. I heart you my magic mushrooms :)

PS. Master Sheefu, I absolutely heart that your location is #tothemoon yayayayay!