Salman, Katrina, Aamir and others dancing at Arpita's wedding (Source: Twitter)
Salman, Katrina, Aamir and others dancing at Arpita’s wedding (Source: Twitter)

Arpita Khan‘s wedding is surely grabbing headlines for one revelation after the other. Yesterday we told you how Salman Khan almost admitted that he wanted to marry Katrina Kaif. Wow, right?

According to a report in TOI, Salman took the mic and asked Katrina to come on stage when Chikni Chameli was playing. She resisted at first, but he persisted, calling her Katrina Kapoor. The real kicker, though, was when he told her that he had given her the chance to be Katrina Khan, but she picked Kapoor instead!

As soon as these reports came out, the internet went ablaze with claims that this is just a rumour and one of our readers too said that she’d only believe it if there was a video proof. Well, we’ve found one doing the rounds, so here you have it:

The video also revealed what the reports hadn’t. Salman clearly saved the best for the last. He said:

Itna bada chance miss kiya Khan hone ka bhai… Dil se shukriyada karte hai aapka!

Cannot stop laughing! Check the video and share your thoughts?