You HAVE To Watch This Hilarious Interview Of Farah Khan With Cyrus Sahukar!

Shreemi Verma , 21 Nov 2014
Cyrus and Farah

It’s common knowledge that Farah Khan has a good sense of humour and this interview with Cyrus Sahukar proves my point! Seriously, you have to check this hilarious video out where Farah can’t stop abusing the entire world. Every swear word you might have heard of is there, so obviously don’t watch this without headphones. Also, because they’re discussing Tees Maar Khan, it automatically becomes a funny video, doesn’t it? If there’s any video you should be watching today, it’s this one.

Insightful interview, isn’t it? Like there are no inhibitions whatsoever. Hope more personalities show this side of theirs on the Internet! On a side note, who knew Sheila Ki Jawani was about ‘playing‘? Who knew? Listen to the song again, because why not?

I guess this song is the unintentional anthem of the #BanMen hashtag, what do you think?

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