5 Strangely Good Esha Deol Songs That’ll Make Your Day

5 Strangely Good Esha Deol Songs That’ll Make Your Day

Shreemi Verma
Esha Deol
Esha Deol

As you all know, Esha Deol is back in the news again! Wondering why? Click here for more details. I have zero comment about this particular bit of news, but I’ll take any opportunity I get to make a playlist, because why not? Here are 5 Esha Deol songs that are weirdly good – much better than her movies, anyway – and offer some nostalgic value (and we all love that, don’t we?). So check out this playlist and enjoy your Saturday!

1) Nikamma Kiya Is Dil Ne

Love this song, especially when they all go like ‘I love your eyesssss I love your lipsssss I love your neckkkkk‘ – a hell lot of love involved I say!

2) Ye Mera Dil

Alright, Ding Dong Dole is the more popular one but come on, at least this Ye Mera Dil song doesn’t have Tusshar Kapoor looking like this:

Tusshar Kapoor
Source: YouTube.com

Don’t even have to add sunglasses!

3) Mohabbat Hai Mirchi

Zayed Khan in all his glory mistaking Rakhi Sawant in a thong with a muddy looking Esha Deol. Love the song though, was totally my jam!

4) Naughty Naughty

I guess this song was the only good thing about the movie Cash.

5) Dhoom Machale

At least she has proof of being the ‘first Dhoom girl‘, it’s an honour bro, wear it like a badge and dance your a&* off to the best song of your career!

Which one is your favourite? Say fast!