The 5 Best Things That Happened To Me During The NH7 Weekender Pune, 2014!

Shreemi Verma , 24 Nov 2014
NH7 Weekender Pune
Source: Instagram @aditya_pimple, @gadgetwala, @NGTIndia

Guys! Where were you this weekend? I’m only asking this question because I finally have something to boast about, so before you ask, I’ll tell you myself – I went to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune and it was AWESOME! I’m sure more than half of Bombay under the age of 30 was also there with me, except that uncle who kept dancing in circles in the same spot (would have taken a video but thought that would be too intrusive). So before leaving for the city, I had thought I’ll definitely blog about it because it’s so easy to write about things we love to do. Sadly, that’s a myth because there are SO many things to write about that it’s difficult to condense it. But, because I’m nice and kind, here are my 5 best moments from the weekender.

1) Amit Trivedi’s performance

Amit Trivedi NH7 Weekender
Source: Twitter @stupidmaximus, @ankitv and @aimlessaims

I’ll be honest, I’m woefully ignorant about the indie music scene in our country, that’s why I knew just a handful of performances I had to watch. Being the Bollywood buff I am, topping this list of must-see performances was Amit Trivedi and man, that was a GOOD decision! The guy rocked it. We danced so much to London Thumakda that we broke a bench (why I was dancing on a bench is not something I will disclose because my mother reads my blogs). We were still tame compared to the girl right in front of us. She went all Beyonce combined with Shakira and a little Rihanna! It was a sight to see.

2) Being a part of a human taxi with the stand-up comedian Sahil Shah

sahil shah
@Source: Instagram @sahilbulla

More popularly known as Sahil Bulla on Twitter and Instagram, Sahil Shah was chilling at the weekender with a bunch of people who decided to grab my friend and then me and my other friends and form a ‘human taxi‘. Our task was to randomly grab the arm of people we see walking close to us and walk together till our destination arrives. Sadly I couldn’t get a picture because it was such a spontaneous thing, but I did recognize the funny man and I hope he performs next year! Check out his group East India Comedy’s Wrecking God and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

3) Sitting on a ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel
Source: Instagram: @shreemiverma, @MTS_India and @pal36

There was a ferris wheel where people could hop onto and get a bird’s-eye view of the entire venue! Of course I jumped onto it. I think I’ll make it a point to do it in Bombay too.

4) All India Bakchod

Source: Instagram @aditya_pimple

The kind of response AIB got on their debut performance at NH7 just shows how much we Indians appreciate good humour. Talent speaks volumes and this bunch of people have just shown us what started as a podcast of two people randomly talking about stuff can lead to if you have it in you! *Bows down*

5) Raghu Dixit killing it!

raghu dixit
Source: Instagram @gadgetwala, @sahilgupta538 and @hinasundrani

What a star this man is! Raghu Dixit‘s act was one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen in stage! There were dancers, shadow puppets and the crowds singing in Tamil because he asked us to. It was awesome.

I really can’t wait to go for the ‘happiest music festival‘ next year!

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