5 Extremely Weird Bhojpuri Movie Posters You HAVE To Check Out!

Shreemi Verma , 25 Nov 2014
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I am a Bihari, so I think I should be the first person to handpick extremely weird Bhojpuri posters for your entertainment. I know you’ll thank me later, so please do that in the comments section below. However, I can’t really comment on the movies as I haven’t seen them – they may just be on par with Casablanca, for all I know. But I will judge them for their posters because… well, just look at them:

1) This movie poster that has a lady with a skull in her neckpiece

Bhojpuri Movie Poster 1
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Who’s even looking at the kajra here? That skull is a metaphor for the ‘dangerous curves ahead‘.

2) This poster that looks like it could win an Academy Award…

Bhojpuri Movie Poster 2
Source: http://inspiredposters.wordpress.com/

For plagiarism…

Source: http://inspiredposters.files.wordpress.com/

R.I.P Heath Ledger

3) This one that has two fat cows

Bhojpuri Movie Poster
Source: http://top10bhojpuri.blogspot.in/

No, I’m not talking about the actors, you sick people!

4) This guy seems to be in love with identical triplets

Bhojpuri Movie Poster
Source: blogspot.com

Three ain’t a crowd in this one, for sure!

5) And Bhojpuri Krissh

Bhojpuri Movie poster
Source: http://www.gopixpic.com/

A rip-off of the Hindi original that was also a rip-off of many movies from the west. This is like Rip-ception! Get it, get it?

Which movie are you looking forward to watch the most?


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