10 Things You NEED To Know About Sexting!

10 Things You NEED To Know About Sexting!

Priyam Saha

It’s great to be able to have sex with someone you’re truly attracted to. But what if you can’t? I’m looking at you, long distance relationship people! This is when technology with all its other boons has given us the power to sext. Even if you’re not in a relationship, sexting – when done right – can be extremely gratifying.

It’s not a secret that words have a power to arouse. Add to that some technique, and voila!

Sexting can be tricky, though. But why fear when I am here? Here’s all your need to know to own the magical world of sexting.

1. Suck In That Stomach!

Technology has made it possible for you to add impact to your words with pictures. Selfies have made it possible for us to figure out our best angles. Combine these two and wow your partner. Suck in that stomach, pose with your good side, apply some makeup if you want, make sure your better boob (don’t pretend like you don’t have a favourite) makes it to him. Look the best you can!

2. Avoid Face

The first rule of sexting is to do it with someone you trust with your ‘sensitive’ pictures. Even then, I would suggest avoid having your face in the pictures you send out. The last thing you want out of this fabulous experience is a naked picture of you on social media.

3. Be A Grammar Nazi

Bad grammar or spellings are quite a turn off in a regular text, so imagine what a put off it must be while you’re trying to get it on, on either sides of the phone. I understand typos because *you know* but your partner will probably be taken out of the moment if they have to spend too much time figuring out what you’re trying to say (and please don’t say “you’re penis” instead of “your”). At the same time, pointing out someone’s bad grammar during a sexting session is also a total buzzkill, so you may want to avoid that!

4. Chuck “It”!

If you can’t say the name of a body part, sexting is not for you. You’re not putting your “thing” in “it.”

5. Be Creative

So my friend told me this one time she and a guy played a game over sexts wherein they’d tell each other what pictures to send. Cool, right? Be creative with this. Tell the other person what’s on your mind in descriptive sentences. Live out your fantasies and don’t be boring.

6. Be Yourself

While it’s one thing to be creative, it’s quite another to be a total liar. Try not to sext things you’d never do in real life. Don’t use crass language or BDSM references if you guys are not into stuff like that. Like, what’s the point of having them hope you’re open to having a threesome when in real life, you’re absolutely opposed to the idea?

7. Spice it Up!

Pro Tip: Send a quick and naughty voice note.

8. Emojis Don’t Fit

There’s a reason sexting emojis have not been created: they don’t make sense. Don’t send stupid emojis while you’re at it and be a total buzzkill. Also, no available emoji can rightly express what you feel. The eyes emoji for boobs? Really? REALLY?

9. Get Involved

There’s no point in using your hands in sexting to pleasure the other person if you’re not using them to pleasure yourself. What’s the point of this activity if you don’t get anything out of it? Get to it and have fun!

10. Stay Involved

Don’t get distracted with something and leave your partner high and dry (literally)… because that’s just mean! Can you imagine how frustrated you’d be if you had stop abruptly without warning?

Now you’re all set to sext away to glory. Make sure you make your own rules and that every sexting experience ends like this: