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Guys! The first season of MissMalini’s World is finally over, but don’t miss us too much, we’re just a click away on YouTube! If you’re too lazy to hea dover to YouTube, here’s a list of the best moments from all the previous episodes of MissMalini’s World because we know you want re-visit the coolest, happiest and the funniest moments from our episodes, so here they are:

1) The one where Alia Bhatt spoke about working with Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri denied any involvement with a certain Mr. Chopra!

Alia Bhatt spoke about the new range of Maybelline products that had been launched along with answering questions on her upcoming movies Shandaar and an untitled project with Ranbir Kapoor! Nargis Fakhri (who is MissMalini‘s neighbour BTW) chilled with the Boss Lady in her bedroom and declared that she’s single!

2) The one where Shah Rukh Khan taught our CEO Nowshad his signature move!

The cast of Happy New Year also played Dumb Charades and devoured the cupcakes MissMalini brought for them! Team MissMalini played an improv game with Indrani Das Gupta. MissMalini also jumped on stage to play Kalki‘s role in Trivial Disasters along with Kalki Koechlin, Cyrus Sahukar, Purab Kohli and Richa Chadda! What fun!

3) The one where Karan Johar sat on the ‘kouch’ and answered some fun questions! We also did something about the #FawadFever that has completely gripped the nation!

Please someone sign my petition to bring Fawad Khan back! Where is he now?

4) The one where Queen Kangana Ranaut showed her vanity van and the cast of Finding Fanny shook their ‘bootiya’!

I’m not a fashion person at all but that all black collection was something else! Also did you know that Rashmi (from Team MM) and Deepika Padukone wear the same ‘love‘ pendant? Yeah, they do!

5) The one where Priyanka Chopra shows how she became Mary Kom and Lisa Haydon doles out dating tips!

My favourite part? Darshan Kumar treating the boys of Team MissMalini to a bootcamp from hell! Ouch. Also Gigi‘s makeover with BBlunt had me and the entire office girl-crushing on her (like that’s surprising).

6) The one with SULA!!!

My introduction in MissMalini‘s world couldn’t be better! Not only was it a super-fun trip, I also got to taste some of the most delicious wine made in our country and got to show my sporty side by totally killing it in the treasure hunt. Not. Apologies to my partner Mallika who was a far better at this. This episode also had MissMalini host a super fun girl power Google Hangout with Sonam Kapoor and Adhuna Akhtar and we got to see a glimpse of Hrithik Roshan‘s HRX Collection for Myntra!

7) The one with Imran Khan and Avantika Malik showing us how wonderful they are and Terrence Lewis making us all ‘shake it off’.

My friends have decided to make gifs of my disastrous attempts to dance, but hey! We had a blast!

8) The one with Spain!

Malini and Nowshad went to Spain! But not before celebrating Diwali at office! Also giving us tips for the perfect hair and make-up for the festive season were BBlunt’s stylist Urvi and Beauty vlogger Elton J Fernandez!

9) The one with Malishka and SMAASH!

Also loved the look on our Pocket Stylist‘s face when she got to raid Nikhil Thampi‘s closet (she LOVES him) and Team MissMalini playing cricket with Vikram Sathaye whose new book How Sachin Destroyed My Life you should definitely read!

10) The one with Coorg and Wills India Fashion Week

BRB, booking my tickets for Coorg right away.

11) The one with Imagica and Nowshad and Tanmay competing as chefs at Ellipsis!

Just look at the fun everyone had! Also, tough luck Tanmay and Nowshad, you’re both better off CHOMPING on food than cooking it!

12) The one with the #BattleOfTheSexes and the gorgeous Gauhar Khan!

The cocktails are tempting me to drink in the afternoon and how awesome were the slippers MissMalini crafted at Parvati Villa! The #BattleOfTheSexes made me laugh too hard and Gauhar is gorgeous. She really is!

13) The Grand Finale!

The BEST episode of MissMalini’s World! Why? Come on! It had Malini and Nowshad attend a morning rave! Malini then attended a Halloween parade and walked through central park with the beautiful Shenaz Treasurywala. Nowshad and Tanmay on the other hand took CHOMP to the sky, literally. The best part? Obviously, the Halloween Hangover party with BBlunt and the amazing makeovers we all got!

Season 1 of MissMalini’s world was an amazing experience for all of us, hope you guys had a blast too 🙂