Prabhu Dheva Clears The Air On Controversies Surrounding Action Jackson!

Joginder Tuteja , 27 Nov 2014

Any big film comes with its own share of controversies, rumors and speculations. Action Jackson is no different. While it is a known fact that the Prabhu Dheva-directed Ajay Devgn-starrer was earlier slated for release in May, it was subsequently pushed a couple of times before settling down on 5th December. In this interim period, the film that kept making news, though.

Not new to controversies, Prabhu Dheva – who is returning to big screen exactly a year after a successful R… Rajkumar – clears the air.

Some time ago, the film faced the threat of a change in title as a production house in Hollywood raised issues pertaining to copyright. Is that problem solved?

Yes, all of that is solved. The producers (Gordhan Tanwani, Eros) have sorted it all.

Apparently, the film has Ajay Devgn playing a cop. However, none of the publicity material, be it promos, poster or any other media release, hints of that. Is it indeed true?

(Laughs) Now you are asking me about the story. I can’t reveal the plot; I have to be loyal to my producers. Please check out in theaters what Ajay is playing.

Action Jackson
Action Jackson

Your favorite leading lady, Sonakshi Sinha (Rowdy Rathore, R… Rajkumar), was said to have missed the promo launch as she felt left out in the publicity material. Is that true?

Naaaah, not at all. She is too mature to even think like that. Everything is totally hunky dory between us. She is very happy with the role. Her dance is a rage already. She is happy to be in a Hindi film heroine mode.

When the film was being made, it was being pushed ahead a couple of times and some rumors around the film not being complete started emerging. Were you annoyed with these rumors?

(Smiles) I am working in the industry for 27-28 years now. I know that such kind of writing and gossips will always happen. It is a normal process. Ajay and I knew what was happening. This is all that matters.

You are quite lucky for your actors, be it Salman Khan (Wanted), Akshay Kumar (Rowdy Rathore) and Shahid Kapoor (R… Rajkumar). Can audience expect a similar magic with your first time pairing with Ajay?

Lucky? On the contrary, I should be thankful to all these actors. They are all superstars while I was an outsider from Chennai. They believed in me due to which I worked with them. I should count myself lucky.

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