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Fat shaming is sadly a thing etched in our minds since the time we were kids. Larger people doing things is like the number one trope of slapstick comedy in most of the movies we’ve grown up on, but this advertisement being shared on Facebook takes the cake of being the shittiest thing I might have seen! Check it out.

Bad  Ad
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Kya bakwaas hai yaar. Please stop making ads like that – it’s tasteless, ridiculous and overall shitty. This ad is wrong on so many levels!

1) The heading: Somebody please marry me!

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2) The ‘advantages’ of marrying a fat girl.

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Just stop.

3) The girl begging someone to marry her

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With the extremely skewed sex ratio in India, I don’t really think she’ll be the one begging!

4) The money back guarantee, that too since 2009!

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Thanks guys.

5) No blame game, no exercise, nothing.

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You really think everyone is that gullible?

So basically, this advertisement is a shame and dissing people of any shape or size is horrible. What do you think?