5 Shady Shamita Shetty Songs You Secretly Love!

Shreemi Verma , 29 Nov 2014
Shamita Shetty
Shamita Shetty

Where is Shamita Shetty these days, you guys? The pretty lady made her debut in Mohabbatein with much fanfare but has now disappeared into thin air and that makes me really sad. Like, really sad. I miss her, which is why I’m now making a list of her super fun songs that we all secretly love but will never, ever admit to. Listen to these songs and hope that the younger Shetty sibling makes our life amazing by making a comeback, if only so we can have more shady, guilty pleasure songs to listen to.

1) Mind Blowing Mahiya

Ajay Devgn as her mind-blowing mahiya was so cool with that hair and all, but obviously the awesome part of the song was Shamita dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

2) Baras Jaa

Wow, this song was like a dream come true for those people who believe one Shetty just isn’t enough!

3) Sharara Sharara

Quite a tongue twister this one was, but I think people will agree if I say this song was the best part about the movie!

4) Chori Pe Chori

Another Yashraj item number – didn’t do much to her career, but look! Vivek Oberoi during his pre-Salman Khan press conference days! So nice and happy he looked.

5) Woh Lamhe remix

Lokhandwala boys’ wet dreams come true! #BheegiBheegiRaatien

Which Shamita song has rocked your world?

Shamita Shetty
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