Gauahar Khan
Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan was shooting for the finale episode of the reality show she hosts, India’s Raw Star. All seemed fine and there was much energy in the air as the crew, judges and participants were gearing up for the grand finale celebrations. However, no one could have anticipated what happened next.

The accused, Mohammad Akil Malik, who is only 24 years of age, walked up to the stage, got on it, tried to touch Gauahar and then slapped her across her face! His reason, you ask? The fact that Gauahar wears “skimpy outfits” and dances to cheap songs even though she’s a Muslim. I can’t even…

A police official has been quoted as saying:

Malik had been coming over to the show, as a member of the audience, for the past two to three days. He had been observing Khan. Around 8pm on Sunday, while the shoot was on, Malik suddenly got up and went on the stage. He tried to touch Khan who was taken aback and resisted. Malik then slapped her. He asked her how she could wear skimpy outfits and dance to cheap songs despite being a Muslim.

We have sent him for a medical examination to find out if he was drunk.

The contestants and security rushed to Gauahar’s aid and also managed to pin down Malik before the cops arrived. He is likely to be booked on charges of molestation and assault.

It’s ridiculous that even in today’s day and age we have something like this happening in broad daylight.

Check out the video post the slapping incident here:

I’m sure Gauahar will only come out stronger from this and accused will be given deserved punishment.

What are your thoughts about this shocking incident?