Mika Singh, Rakhi Sawant
Mika Singh, Rakhi Sawant (source | Twitter @MikaSingh)

Remember the epic Rakhi Sawant-Mika Singh kiss back from 2005? Both of them may deny it all they want, but the incident definitely has a lot to do with putting them on the map. That’s all the media spoke about for weeks, I remember. Even after all these years, you can’t possibly talk about them without a fleeting mention of the incident.

Both of them spoke smack about each other all over the press. Mika even went on to make a song about her (in really bad taste, might I add!). But looks like both of them have decided to bury the hatchet.

Apparently, the two bumped into each other at the airport. Onlookers probably expected (at least) some cold looks. However, the two have decided to be rather classy about this and instead posed for a selfie that Mika posted on his social media. The caption of the picture calls Rakhi his friend enemy (frenemy) and seemingly is done in good humour. Check out his tweet:

Twitter | @MikaSingh
Twitter | @MikaSingh

What can I say? Time heals all, I guess!