Shweta Prasad Basu
Shweta Prasad Basu

Child star Shweta Basu Prasad has been given the clean-chit by the Sessions Court in Hyderabad where she was accused of being involved in a prostitution scandal. There was a lot of talk about Shweta giving her ‘statement‘ to the media which mentioned that she had to take this up because of lack of funds, and because she had to support her family. But as Shweta clarified earlier, that statement wasn’t true! Here are a few excerpts from her open letter to the media.

1) She started her letter with this!

Dear Members of Media

I grew up admiring some great journalists and reporters who, sometimes report even live from war-torn borders, natural disaster sites, terror attacked locations, etc. without hesitating a bit. These heroes inspired me to pursue my degree in Mass Media and Journalism degree too. I always thought, ‘Wow! These guys, the media, actually risk their lives to bring us the truth’. And boom! You create a mess in my very life. Well done.

Quite a powerful start.

2) She then attacked the media for cooking up a completely false and rather cliched ‘statement’ she had apparently given.

Seriously?? Whoever you are, who imagined this statement, were you smoking funny cigarettes at work? Who talks like that? This sounds like a dialogue from some 80s Bollywood film. And why so many ‘and’ in that statement, go back to school amateur!


3) The actress then went on to talk about the hypocrisy our society is sadly layered with.

The problem with our society is, as long as I was given sympathy and everyone went ‘awwww’, ‘poor girl’, ‘so sad’ and so on, everybody was supporting me. But, as soon as people understand that they got carried away by a false statement and a girl of 23 can be strong and can stand on her own feet without any sympathies, the society feels that she is lying?? What’s my fault if the news were the way they were? I cannot force anyone to like or respect me. These happen naturally. What happened was beyond my control.

Let’s just admit that we’re all guilty of doing this.

4) She explained what she did in her time spent at the remand home

After my detainment, I went straight to the rescue home where I stayed for 59 and a half days. (60th day, I came home), then where and how did I give a statement to media? My phone was confiscated, I made few last calls to Maa and few other close friends. I had absolutely no access to newspapers, television, internet or radio for those 2 months. I had no clue what was going on outside Prajwala rescue home, Mehboob Nagar (outskirts of Hyderabad). Although I had a lovely time there teaching kids Hindi, English and Hindustani Classical vocals. I always do and I always will count those children in my prayers. I also read 12 books in those 2 months. Yes 12. Spent my time very productively. But, after I came back home in Mumbai on 30th October 2014, I came across all the reports that had been around for those 2 months when I was absent and I was more amused than disappointed!

Good on you, girl.

5) She then asked a very legit question about the bias the media showed when it came to investigating this case!

And who are these business men in my life? I am just as curious as all of you!

So, here is the riddle: Why were the businessmen names who were caught ‘along with me’ not revealed?

Clue: Were there any business men with me in that room at the time of detainment in the first place?

Think Think.


*slow clap*

6) And finally, this is how she concludes her badass open letter!

On 5th December 2014 the Metropolitan Sessions Court, Nampally, Hyderabad, gave me clean chit in the case and withdrew the charges and stay order against me made by the trial court. To all those who supported me throughout all this, thank you so much, extending a big hug to all of you.
Anyway, enough said, enough heard. I have completely gone past the whole incident and I overlook everyone who picked up false statement(s) and encouraged misleading stories without verifying it’s authenticity. I overlook, because this episode does not deserve any more attention.

More power to you Shweta. Stay fierce.