Exclusive: It’s All About Fantasies, Angels And More At Gaurav Gupta’s New Mumbai Store!

Exclusive: It’s All About Fantasies, Angels And More At Gaurav Gupta’s New Mumbai Store!

Marv D'Souza
Gaurav Gupta's Mumbai store located at Fort
Gaurav Gupta’s Mumbai store located at Fort

Between the realms of fantasy and functional reality lies the world of Gaurav Gupta. The designer recently opened the doors to his new store in Mumbai. Team MissMalini caught up with the designer with his statement half buzzed hair for a 1 on 1 interview. What drives the label, how does he see the evolution of the modern bride and most importantly… What mystery lies behind the walls of this huge and mysterious store?

Gaurav Gupta at his new Mumbai store located at Fort
Gaurav Gupta at his new Mumbai store located at Fort

Team MM: What must Mumbai expect from the new store?

Gaurav Gupta: Magic! Beautiful clothes, innovative designs, impossible couture and sexy dresses. We have also added a sharp menswear section to the mix!

Team MM: Sounds amazing! What’s the mood at the store?

GG: Magic, realism, surrealism, history, fantasy, dramatic curtains of mystery, angels and mythology, Greece, Rome, India and experiences from the beyond.

Team MM: Phew! At the store, how does one make the most of the prêt, red carpet and bridal section? What tip do you have to get to the perfect look?

GG: Never pay too much attention to anyone else. Be smart and start planning early, explore and discover!

Angels and curtains of mystery at Gaurav Gupta's Mumbai store
Angels and curtains of mystery at Gaurav Gupta’s Mumbai store

Team MM:  With current craze and the race to be the most trend savvy and relevant, how does one keep their own individual style in check?

GG: Firstly, be genuine and true to yourself. And always innovate and experiment.

Team MM: What about the modern bride? How do you see her evolution?

GG: She knows what she wants. She wants to be cool in couture and extremely new. The modern bride is well informed.

Team MM: With the pressure on a bride to look a certain way, that statement look can go horribly wrong. What’s your advice for her?

GG: Don’t listen to the mob!

Gaurav Gupta's Mumbai store
Gaurav Gupta’s Mumbai store

Team MM: How do you manage to stay connected to the contemporary woman as well as those who are traditionalists by nature?

GG: There is a direct connect to the new woman. We’ve reinvented the sari for her, forever! And our themes of fantasy have no dimension. There is no structure (in design and embroidery). The traditionalists understand that very well and enjoy it.

Team MM: The mention of your version of the sari brings us to our next question. How do you see the change around us?

GG: We brought the change (laughs)! 10 years ago, it was all about tradition. I see change as de-evolution. With time as a tangent, everything can be relevant or irrelevant. India is global now, change is everywhere. In fact, we are the change.

Team MM: Finally! 10 years of Gaurav Gupta. What has defined the journey?

GG: The futuristic and the primitive. It’s the contradictory ideas that define us. Being Indian while being  global.

Kalki Koechlin in Gaurav Gupta's latest campaign.
Kalki Koechlin in Gaurav Gupta’s latest campaign.

During the interview, Gaurav kept attending to brides-to-be and customers pouring into the store that was days away from being officially open. It was exciting to see the man at work and discussing ideas with these women who entered his world, hungry for a piece of fantasy. Lucky for the men, the label also has a new section for them! Got questions for Gaurav Gupta? List them in the comment section below and we’ll get them answered!