A Twitter bio says a lot about the person whose account you are following or are about to follow, yes I know that’s a given considering it’s their ‘bio‘ but some of them are quite hilarious! So here’s a list of the funniest Twitter bios of the people I follow. Let me know the one’s you find really funny!

1) Twinkle Khanna, who’s really REALLY funny! I mean even her Twitter handle is cool.

Twinkle Khanna
Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

Akshay Kumar is a really lucky man don’t you think?

2) Vir Das who is a lot more than just a stand-up comedian, actor, singer, writer……

vir das
Source: Twitter @thevirdas

He won the Internet by proclaiming himself to be a Sherlock Holmes Fan Girl! #LoveVir

3) When Varun Grover explained what this world is exactly about!

varun grover
Source: Twitter @varungrover


4) Did you know Sahil Bulla co-authored the best-selling book in the world!

Sahil Shah
Source: Twitter @sahilbulla

What a pun-tastic man!

5) When Rohan Joshi confided what a great man once said

rohan joshi
Source: Twitter @mojorojo

Dead famous people are often quoted aren’t they?

6) Of course the man who played Chandler Bing will have a hilarious bio!

Matthew Perry
Source: Twitter @MatthewPerry

I’ll end your sense of longing.

7) If God isn’t in this list, is this even a list?

Source: Twitter @TheTweetOfGod

Hari om.

8) This is the voice of the people.

Source: Twitter @ConanOBrien

If your voice is as funny and intelligent as Conan O’Brien‘s…you’re lucky!

Bollywood Gandu
Source: Twitter @BollywoodGandu

Hello again Mr. Kumar.

10) And of course Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal
Source: Twitter @OnlyBabaSehgal

Everybody say with me SNOOOOOP!