11 People Reveal The Most Romantic Thing Their Partner Has Done For Them

Shreemi Verma , 11 Dec 2014
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Love makes the world go round, doesn’t it? People like to point out it’s actually gravity but whatever, we all know it’s love. So I decided to spread a little holiday cheer and ask some great people in my life to share stories of the most romantic things their ‘lobsters‘ have ever done for them. The results were awwdorable, making a cynic in me believe love is magic.

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Warning: Some of the stories will make Ross and Rachel seem tame!

1) This ‘oh-my-god’ this is so cute voice note

When we first started going out, we had a date planned after work – and we’d been looking forward to it all day! He was supposed to pick me up outside my office, and about 10 minutes before he got here, he sent me a voice note. It was Aaja Shaam Hone Aayi from Maine Pyar Kiya. It was so cute and so filmy and just the right amount of cheesy. I aww’d about it for days. Still one of my favourite moments from our relationship.

Let’s all collectively sigh.

2) This series of love letters that puts all the other love letters to shame

We were in a boarding school and we did not meet for 2 months and he sent me a 10 page letter writing about his feelings over the past 2 months.

PS I Love You
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3) This one with all the kisses

When he leans in and kisses me on the head. He does it casually and probably doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but it gets me everytime. Side of the head kisses = the best!

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4) This guy knows that language is no barrier when it comes to the matters of the heart!

An American guy was down just for a month for a common friend’s wedding and we really hit it off. So over 2-3 weeks he learnt some very sweet romantic lines in Hindi so he could say them to me whenever we met up :-)

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5) This Valentine’s Day lovin’ for a fairly cynical person

My first boyfriend in college knew how to play his cards with me. I wasn’t into the Valentine’s Day commercial overplay and yet he planned a hectic night out with his family and friends. 18 of us going out for a Valentine’s day dinner. *Gross* But I didn’t wanna be the party pooper so I played along. I was dressed and ready to leave when he mentioned that he needed to lock the terrace door. He didn’t show up for a while and I had to go upstairs and take a look. The boy planned all of this. There on the roof as a nice tent set up with him smiling like an idiot. I claim that I am not much of a textbook romantic and this was so cheesy that he knew it was pissing me off. We spent that day listening to music and hanging on the roof, his family and our friends kept stopping by to hang with us. But all in all it was chill evening that I fondly remember :-)

Holding hands
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6) This man with some good ‘wood’

So for a fifth anniversary, you’re apparently supposed to gift each other something out of wood! Yes, wood! When I told my boyfriend about it he laughed and said something that cannot be written on the blog (but I’m sure your dirty minds can figure out what it was). On the special day, though, he handed me a present and I was really surprised since we’d agreed not to give each other gifts. Turns out, he actually had a wonderful wooden frame made for me with ‘for my one and only’ written on it. It was kind of a joke, but also really sweet. My friends call him Woody since that fateful day. He’s the best!

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*touch wood*

7) This boy with a ‘love’ tattoo!

The most romantic thing a guy has done for me gotten a tattoo of a drawing I made. And trust me it wasn’t tattoo worthy!

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8) This guy who hits the right notes

Song dedication on the radio a night before an eco exam. Tum se hi…
Totally corny, totally cute, totally “romantic” :-D

9) This man with impeccable taste

He bought me a Gucci bag with baby pink leather trimmings. Not really my type but it was sweet. Oh, there was a letter too… a long one, a nice one.

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10) He saved me from boredom

I had to attend a cousin’s wedding in Muradabad which was a one-way 12 hour bus journey from Lucknow and I was really, really dreading that. He knew I’d literally die in a bus swamped with relatives I hardly know (the ones I know, I don’t like). So before I was leaving for the airport, like 2 minutes before, he came below my building and handed me his tab filled with over 300 books and 4 television shows I could read/watch without needing Internet. Sweet!

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11) And last but not the least, one of the most romantic proposal stories I have ever read! Ever!

The super-romantic proposal our super-cool C.E.O Nowshad arranged for his lovely wife and my awesome boss MissMalini! Read the entire story here!

Malini and Nowshad
Malini and Nowshad


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Share your stories in the comments!

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