Shah Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth, Narendra Modi and ISRO
Shah Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth, Narendra Modi and ISRO

Social media has become huge in India, like HUGE! It’s so big that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s social media savines has been credited as being one of the major reasons he won the elections. So what was India really excited about on Facebook and Twitter? Which hashtags trended, who were #winning and #breaking the Internet? Find out all of that here!

Any guesses which was the Golden Tweet of India?

Source: Twitter @narendramodi

Of course it was!

Here’s a list of the top 10 fastest-rising hashtags in India:

1) #WorldCup2014

World Cup Football

Let’s football!

2) #MH370


One of the scariest incidents of 2014.

3) #MufflerMan

Muffler Man
Source: Twitter @anilsharma234

Let’s see how this campaign pans out for Kejriwal!

4) #MUFC


‘Arrey, I love ManU yaar! ‘- Every Delhi boy ever!

5) #KashmirFloods

Srinagar flood

Nature’s fury!

6) #QuitAAP

Arvind Kejriwal
Source: Twitter @arvindkejriwal

Clearly, Indians on Twitter are very political!

7) #IndvsEng

India vs England

Lagaan 2.0

8) #Results2014

Narendra Modi

Awaiting the acche din was on everyone’s mind!

9) #IPL7

ipl 7

Say what you want, one can never get enough of the Indian Premiere League!

10) #AusOpen

Roger  Federer

Sports and Politics, really surprised Bollywood didn’t make the cut!

Here are the chosen Indians who have the most followers!

Top 20 accounts
Top 20 accounts


Amitabh Bachchan


Not to be left behind, here’s a list of the top 10 topics Indians loved to discuss on Facebook!

Top 10 Indian Topics
Top 10 Indian Topics

We are quite a bunch, aren’t we?

All in all, we can safely say that India loves discussing politics on Social Media – and that, my friends, is a good sign! Don’t you think?

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