23 Indian Advertisements That Haven’t Left Our Heads Since Childhood! #YouRemember

23 Indian Advertisements That Haven’t Left Our Heads Since Childhood! #YouRemember

Shreemi Verma
shahid kapoor
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You know how our parents remember the Bollywood songs of the ’60s and the ’70s and declare them to be far superior to all the stuff we currently listen to? That’s exactly how I feel about the advertisements we saw while growing up. Some were funny, some were weird and some were amazing but they all have one thing in common, they refuse to leave our heads! So here are 23 of the ones that will remain etched in my memory forever – feel free to add your favourites below!

1) Action shoes!

Where is this kid who starred in this and many ads of the ’90s? What is he up to? What’s his story?

2) Prestige pressure cooker

If you love bae, you will buy her the best pressure cooker. *sings la la la la in the Prestige lady’s voice*

3) Krack cream

The sight of her cracked heel still makes me shudder. Krack cream ads are the real reason why I get pedicures!

4) Bajaj Bulbs

Ain’t no bulb like a Bajaj bulb.

5) Shahid Kapoor Pepsi Ad

OMG! IT HAD RANI, KAJOL AND SHAH RUKH!!! Apart from the adorkable pre-stardom and pre-six pack abs Shahid Kapoor. What a cutie!

6) Piyo glassful doodh

Mom still thanks this ad for convincing me that ‘jiyoge plus 99‘ is possible because of milk.

7) Liril Preity Zinta Ad

Preity Zinta‘s rise to become India’s sweetheart began with this ad.

8) Nima Rose

Speaks wonders about the ad if my entire office knows the exact lyrics of the jingle no? Roz roz nima rose.

9) Lijjat Papad

That bunny was cute when I was like four years old, it’s creepy when I’m twenty four years old.

10) Whirlpool- Mummy Ka Magic

The Mummy here must have definitely got her Hogwarts letter.

11) Badshah Masala

We’ve had Rajput kings, Mughal kings, Maratha kings…but in our generation we have one true king, the king of swaadh and sugandh.

12) Washing Powder Nirma

Sing along with all your friends!

13) Complan Ad

Shahid Kapoor was always a star! And hey Ayesha Takia, where are you these days?

14) B-tex

Gross but memorable.

15) Vicco

Not even elaborating on how the Vicco turmeric jingle is known by everyone, EVERYONE. I think someone will definitely start singing Vicco turmeric nahi cosmetic while they dress me up for my wedding.

16) Close-up – Kya Aap Close-Up Karte Hain

Best. Song. Ever.

17) Polo – Beta Sweater Pheno


18) Cadbury Ad

Cadbury ads have mostly been nice, but this one was one of the firsts and the first is always special!

19) Sunflower – Jalebi

The way that kid squeals Jalebi, it’s so damn cute! So so so cute!

20) Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan Cinthol Ad

I didn’t even know this existed till Marv (from Team MissMalini) told me! Shah Rukh and Gauri are definitely the golden couple of Bollywood and OMG Shah Rukh’s wet hair flip is so Pinterest worthy!

21) Ujala

Chaar bundo waala. #NeverForget

22) Aamir Pepsi Ad

Aamir is awesome as ever, Mahima is blah as ever but dude, Aishwarya Rai. I mean it’s a crime to be that beautiful!

23) Onida Devil Ad

Main hoo ek angel aur devil mera yaar.

Which one is your favourite?