10 Things That Happen Only When You Work In An Office Dominated By Girls!

10 Things That Happen Only When You Work In An Office Dominated By Girls!

Shreemi Verma
mean girls
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Who run the world? GIRLS! Yes we do! Okay, enough of exclamations, but working at MissMalini means one thing: there are lots of girls – lots. That may seem like the perfect setting for a Gossip Girl-isque showdown everyday, but thankfully it’s not. There are men of course (the C.E.O, the Sales head, the Head Stylist) but along with the boss, we have a large number of ladies who are unique in their own way. So here’s a list of things that happen on a daily basis in office because there are so many girls here!

1) Insightful conversations

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Seriously, a group of girls can go from talking about the most frivolous stuff to the deepest things you’ll ever hear in a matter of minutes. And it’s not because we’re moody, it’s because we know so much! Office hours also double up as therapy sessions.

2) Harmless bitching

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I mean is this even surprising? A group of girls and some nice, harmless bitching go as well as Old Monk goes with Coke!

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3) Food sharing

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Yea, no Joey Tribbiani here. Lots of food is ordered, lots of food is shared. Some don’t like to but that doesn’t matter.

4) Boy problems

Serena and Blair
Source: Tumblr.com/GossipGirl
Serena and Blair
Source: Tumblr.com/GossipGirl

They do crop up here and there and we do discuss them here and there. What to do, the opposite gender is extremely confounding!

5) Forgetting/Delaying removal of unwanted hair

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Okay, this is my personal problem because the moment I got to know my colleagues are primarily girls, I became extremely lazy with grooming myself. Yes, it’s gross but it’s also true.

6) A lot of talks on ‘girl problems’

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No one makes a face when a girl cries about her second day – instead tips are shared to ease the pain, green tea made to make her feel comfortable and intense discussions are had on the fact that periods are the worst… unless they are delayed, then they are the best when they finally show up.

7) Online shopping

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Coupon codes, secret discounts, what’s the best thing to buy from which website…yep.. all of that and much more! No wonder I’m completely broke by the end of month!

8) Gossip, lots of it.

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So much gossip. So so so much. So much fun. So so so much.

9) Random hugging

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Whether you’re happy, sad, depressed or just blah, there will always be at least one girl who will be ready to hug it out. I’m not a fan of it but sometimes it works much better than kind words :)

10) Lots of laughter

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Anything and everything is funny here. Seriously, a girl will laugh over five minutes on a sad joke another one cracked, making us all feel like budding stand-up comedians!

Basically girls are best jaan lo and every office should be dominated by them!