Could This New Song Be A Chart Topper In 2015?

Mishti Shirke , 20 Dec 2014


With the trailer of Roy gaining a ton of intrigue – Sooraj dooba hain, the latest song to be released from the film, couldn’t have come at a better time! This song features all three leads – Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Arjun Rampal and boy, does this film do a stellar job at keeping us on our toes. From what we can see, Jacqueline seems to be a pulling off the double role with ease – whether it’s the flowing hair, carefree vibes she’s giving off with Arjun in close vicinty or the more chic, hair bob sporting look she portrays beside Ranbir – she definitely keeps us hooked!

Though we honestly cannot decide which leading man this beauty has better on screen chemistry with – maybe you can help us out? Till then, this song is a serious contender for chart toppers of 2015!

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