10 Mad Things You Need For An Unforgettable New Year's Party!

Marv D'Souza , 23 Dec 2014
All you need for fun party!
All you need for fun party!

Are you stressing to find that extra something to make your New Year party a success? At MissMalini, we believe that props are always fun for guests and we stand by it. No matter what the age group is, everyone loves a good party prop table. We had our friends at Madcaps The Party Shop gave us a list of their most wanted party props for the season. Remember when Team MissMalini rocked out in our Madcaps party gear at our super fun BBlunt party for MissMalini’s World on TLC?  Check it out here.

We’ve listed a few party props that are absolutely necessary for one hell of night out!

1. Hats get the party started!

Yup! #TrueFact. You wanna have a legit party? You gotta get some cool hats and head gears. Your guests will reach for them as a child goes for candy! Pick them in colours and glitter or simple fun theme head-gears, glasses and props. Do not ever limit yourself. Anything goes!

Party hats for the fun ones!
Party hats for the fun ones!

Here are some cool hats to get you started.

2. Masquerades are twice the fun.

You know you’re getting a little too excited. Grab a cool eye mask and shed your inhibitions. It’s a party ya’ll. Masks are super fun and for a little while it’s awesome to be somebody else.

You need masks!
You need masks!

Get your masks here.

3. Get your groove on!

You gotta have the coolest year ender party and here’s how you do it. Load your venue with cute LED Snowman, Instant Snow,  Hats & Photo booth props and then you play this!

P.S. Check out this cool festive special collection and get your LED Snowman here!

4. Glow sticks and bands for the dancers.

Now here’s a party favourite. Glows sticks and bands are a must for your electro New Year’s party or any theme actually! We found a video that helps you make your glow sticks and bands last longer!

Now you can get them glow sticks and bands here!

5. Add some fun in the way you drink!

Who has a party without fun drinking accessories? Only the coolest peeps do them in true baller style. You need the grooviest shot glasses and silly straws to get your guests a harder kick out of their drinks.

Get your drinking gear here.

 6. Let the party poppers out!

And when it’s time to celebrate, you bring out the big bang! Party poppers are awesome and we all love confetti. But we want you to be safe, so we found this video that shows you the proper way to use party poppers. Now the one in the video is different but most party poppers follow the same mechanism. Use them in a direction clear of your guests or breakables. It’s advised to point them towards a clear space and always read the instructions!


Madcaps have a tone of party poppers at their outlets! Psst… You gotta try the champagne party poppers too.

7. Gotta have New Year balloons and bouquets.

It’s a great idea to bring in a New Year theme with balloons and bouquets. The kids and the ‘bigger’ kids will love it. Plus, it’s always a staple at a New Year parties. So when the clock strikes twelve, let the balloons flood the room. How cool would it be to organize a balloon drop like this!


Checkout all the fun balloons available at Madcaps, all year round!

8. Drinking accessories and games

Here’s what you need for an awesome party: beer holders, beer helmets, beer bongs, drinking roulette wheels, drunken tic tac toes! Wanna know how to play drinking version of Russian roulette? Check this!


 Plus we found drinking games!

9: You love LED ice cubes and glasses? Then try this!

Yup! Light up drinking glasses and ice cubes are party pleasers. And here’s a fun way to turn LED ice cubes in cool party decor!


Need to get some LED drinking glasses and cubes? Check this.

 10. Can you take my picture?

Why have the same boring party pictures when you can have a photo booth with props. Guests always share fun images and remember a party with cool props and a banging photo booth. And by George, there will be selfies! You know that right?


The guys at Madcaps have a fun selection of Photo booth props. See!

Now that we’ve given you tips to having the best props at your party, make sure you try them! Madcaps The Party Store have an online store where you can get a ton party goodies at the click on the mouse pad! And for those of you in Mumbai who wanna physically go there and pick some, they have outlets in Bandra, Andheri and Peddar Road.

Have a fun New Year’s eve guys, send us a picture! See you soon!

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