Drop Everything And Meet Sweetie! She's Everything You NEED In Your Empty Life! #ShadyThingsOnTheInternet

Shreemi Verma , 24 Dec 2014

So we’ve started this hashtag called #ShadyThingsOnTheInternet because the Internet is this deep dark vortex and its the shady things that are surprisingly the most fun to find! So Priyam (from Team MissMalini) very sweetly sent me this song to change my life and change my life it did. Like a chain-letter we forwarded when we were 12, I did the same thing with this song and sent it to Swagata who in turn sent it to the rest of the office because we wanted to change everybody’s life. Now that everyone (mostly) at the MissMalini HQ has heard, loved and basked in the glory of ‘Sweetie‘ I’m sharing it with you guys, because you also deserve something life-changing. If you’ve heard this song already, you’d already know that it’s worth another listen!

BRB..in tears because I hadn’t heard this song earlier…

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