7 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Was The Queen Of 2014!

Shreemi Verma
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut was undoubtedly the star of 2014. Not saying that she wasn’t a star before but this year she killed it! Not only was she the main star of one of the best movies this year, she also gave kickass interviews, took off to New York right after Queen‘s release (and didn’t strut around showing off her greatness) and showed that she’s much more than just an actress.

1) Queen

Source: Tumblr @kanganaranaut

Obviously, the movie – that changed the world’s perception about Bollywood movies, Indian girls and brought out the inherent sexism most men have inside them – will be featured on top of this list. Kangana touched our hearts as Rani and we really hope she contributes to more movies like this (where there is no ‘hero‘ involved). Queen taught us that a girl can be her own saviour and she doesn’t need a knight in a shining armour. I love this movie.

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2) She wrote some of the dialogues of Queen

Source: Tumblr @kanganranaut

Kangana also co-wrote some of the dialogues of the movie. This girl is far too talented my God!

3) Pulled off Revolver Rani with elan!

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A movie made originally for Irfan Khan (because it’s such a strong role) was taken over by Kangana when it was stuck in a limbo. Revolver Rani didn’t do well but Kangana exceeded expectations with her badass avatar. A complete opposite of her character in Queen!

4) Showstopper for Karan Johar

Kangana and Karan

Karan Johar came with a clothing line (is there anything the man CAN’T do?) Marquee by Vero Moda and seriously, who’d be a better showstopper for this quirky, stylishly laid-back and sophisticated line than Kangana? Kangana’s known to be a fashionista herself, so we won’t be don’t surprised if she comes up with a collection of her own!

Kangana Ranaut

5) Completed a screenplay writing course at the New York Film Academy

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One of the few things that makes Kangana such an interesting personality is that she doesn’t shy away from taking the off-beaten track. Her ‘break‘ wasn’t limited to just vacationing in some exotic location, Kangana took a ‘liberating‘ break by enrolling herself in a script-writing course in the New York Film Academy! Calling her time as a student ‘exhaustive but creatively fulfilling‘, this lady now wants to enrol in a baking class in Paris during her next vacation. How can anyone not be inspired?

6) Masterclass with Anupama Chopra

Where she reveals why Salman Khan calls her ‘staku‘ to Anupama Chopra, and why she’s basically super-awesome. Kangana also had a fun chat with the Boss Lady on MissMalini’s World, the extended cut of which you should definitely watch!

The best part though, was her really  inspiring quote on success, failure and people’s opinions.

I won’t say Queen’s success hasn’t been overwhelming. It’s been very hard to deal with, these extreme reactions of either you are good for nothing or you’re a goddess. When they said I am a failure, it never mattered. So when they say it’s a success, it shouldn’t matter either, you know. I should not lose focus of who I am, because people and their opinions keep changing. If I have to define my gift – that’s what it is. Other’s opinions of me have never mattered. Not even my parents. My opinion of myself is what has been my constant in me. And that’s how I hope it’s going to be.

7) Her reason for not talking about her relationship in public is really cool

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress elaborated on why she doesn’t like to share details on her relationship.

Freedom of being alone is ­intoxicating. Relationships can be very traumatic. But being in a healthy relationship can be very empowering. I am in a relationship and ­enjoying this state. But, I don’t want to talk about it right now. It’s very special to me and I am glad to have found a companion. I hope I get into the position when I can talk about it. Right now, speaking about it would be unfair on the other person. As it is, relationships are difficult, aren’t they?

Source: Tumblr.com

Basically Kangana is one of the most refreshingly great things to happen to Bollywood and we should all hail her awesomeness.

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