11 Of The Most Ridiculous Questions People Have Asked On The Internet!

Shreemi Verma , 27 Dec 2014
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The Internet is a crazy place. It’s mad, addictive and it’s my best friend. I think many people show their ‘true’ selves online. How do I know this? Because they have no filter here; the Internet is like their sweet little diary. Really, what else explains the kind of questions they put up on sites like Quora and Yahoo? Have a look!

1) The plight of convincing your wife to listen to you

Funny Question 1
Source: quora.com

Wife putting her husband in place, as always.

2) This budding businessman/woman who just wants to know some simple things…

funny question 2
Source: Quora.com

Deals/discounts on the escort business! Who doesn’t need to know that?

3) This soon-to-be billionaire who just needs to put this idea in place.

Funny question 3
Source: yahoo.com

Poor dogs, though.

4) This person who has extremely legitimate concerns

Funny question 4
Source: Quora.com

Hey! Who’d want to look bad in their mugshot?

5) This future murderer

Source: reddit.com

Never dislike Jimmy‘s YouTube video… he will find you and he will kill you.

6) P.K is that you?

Source: reddit.com

At least someone likes Snail Mail.

7) This linguist.

Source: quora.com

Nothing rivals boudoir Garrick!

8) The guy who might have met Catwoman!

Source: reddit.com


9) The urinal ninja

Source: Quora.com

There MUST be a method to this madness, no?

10) This eternal romantic

Source: Yahoo.co.in

And the cynical counterpart.

11) And finally someone who asks the correct questions.

Source: Twitter @AksharPathak

Bhai maal kaha milega?

Don’t these questions make you feel far more intelligent than you are? I’m sure you’ve seen questions as funny or funnier than this, so feel free to share the one’s you’ve seen!

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