I really pity kids who only have access to current Indian television. I know I sound like everybody’s mother but we can’t deny the fact some of the best Indian youth oriented shows were made in the late 90s’ and the 2000s’. There was Hip Hip Hurray, there was Just Mohabbat, maybe even Left Right Left (till season 1 only) and the show that REALLY made me stay glued to my TV: Remix! It dealt with real issues most of us have faced, like drinking, body shaming, falling in love, placing twisted bets and doing everything for the ‘thrill‘ of it rather than getting married off at 18, battling with the mother-in-law over whose food the man of the house prefers and suddenly turning 48 and having the exact same girl play the role of the daughter. Anyway, enough of my ranting, here’s a definitive ranking of the main characters of Remix, because Remix jahaan hai!

13) Aman

Amandeep from Remix

Aman was quite sweet actually, being Ranveer‘s support system throughout the show. He was one of the good guys around but that also made him rather boring. His relationship with Ashi‘s roommate Vrinda made me cry… out of boredom. So yeah, Aman was great but too vanilla to make an impact.

12) Latika

Latika from Remix

Look guys, here’s desi Gossip Girl! I understood Latika‘s insecurities and all, being the principal’s daughter can either make you rather popular or rather hated. She tried really hard to make lives miserable at Maurya High and she succeeded quite often, but evil mastermind she was not. Just annoying would suit her fine.

11) Meher

meher from remix

Very pretty, very bitchy. Meher served her purpose of being Tia‘s minion.

10) Nakul

nakul from remix

Nakul could have been a really interesting character but he fell just about short. His issues with his neo-rich parents, his annoying meddling ways and the shit Yuvi and Sid would do with him made for a lot of fun content, but his whole joining and then trying to take down the Maurya High secret society (called ‘Blackgang‘ for the the love of god!) was quite meh.

9) Sid

sid from remix

Sid was the fun and spoilt sidekick of Yuvi who was nice for comic relief. He found his soulmate in Meher (both minions of influential students) and was sometimes the voice of reason in Yuvi’s life. Only sometimes.

8) Pri

pri from remix

Pri was whiny, insecure and sometimes extremely jealous if anyone came close to the people she loved – but that’s why she’s ranked above so many people. She was real! And more importantly, above all of that, she was the most loyal friend Tia could ever ask for and that’s what makes her special.

7) Vrinda

vrinda from remix

Vrinda was one of the sane and balanced girls whose heart was in the right place. Friends with both Ashi and Tia, she did get flak from both sides but eventually Tia and Ashi really valued her friendship. She could have been much higher on this list but she fell in love with Aman and that resulted in the most boring Remix relationship ever!

6) Varun

varun from remix

The sweet and stammering Varun was the lovable nerd and I really thought he was nice. Often bullied by Yuvi and his gang, Varun was a victim but he overcame that with the help of his friends and of course, M.P.

5) Tia

Tia Ahuja from Remix

Oh Tia, you were beautiful, a little naive, a bit shallow… but a good person. Being one of the main characters, you were one of the biggest reasons why this show was such a success! Your dressing sense, the way you spoke (in third person, yes) and your on-again-off-again relationship with Ranveer was legendary. But as this is my list and I wasn’t really a fan of yours (I belong to the ‘other‘ side), you are ranked at number 5.

4) Yuvi

Yuvi from remix

Yuvi fit the rich, bad, playboy-turned-good-because-of- strong-woman-in-his-life prototype perfectly! I hate to admit this but I was like a MAJOR Yuvi-Ashi shipper. What to do, I’m a sucker for love-hate relationships! But yes, Yuvi was a complicated and an interesting character to watch, and his fights, games and relationship with Ashi were the best parts about the show.

3) M.P


Athletic, strong and a complete badass, Maria Priya was a cool, confident woman who had a mysterious past. Her friendship with Ashi was one of the most important relationships of the show and her dating Varun was really adorkable.

2) Ranveer

ranveer from remix

Well, Karan Wahi is really hot and that played an important role in ranking him so high. Alright, jokes apart, Ranveer was the perfect hero. Deep, emotional and loyal with a dark side most people are scared off, he started his journey in Maurya High with revenge on his mind but he fell in love with the enemy! *Collective sighs all around*

1) Anvesha

anvesha from remix

I have listed down 5 reasons why she’s a star and I can list 100 more, but no has the time to read it. 🙁 What to say, I loved the red-headed, bhaggu cursing rebel-without-a-cause because she was awesome. Anvesha (Ashi) was all about embracing your quirks and standing out in a group of clones and I’m glad she inspired me and a lot of other girls to be proud of who they are!

Special mention to Sonia Ray – she wasn’t a student but she really made us wish for a spin-off series showing her high-school days!

Sina ray from remix

What do you think? They really should make a sequel to the show no?