MS Dhoni Has Announced His Retirement - And Twitter Has Exploded

Shreemi Verma , 30 Dec 2014
Source: Twitter @timesofindia

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has officially retired from Test cricket. This mammoth announcement was made as soon as the third Test Match between India and Australia ended in a draw. As unexpected it was, it was only Captain Cool who could make such a big decision with so much ease. I’m still a little shocked while writing this… Dhoni was one of the few captains who magically made our cricket team win even when we were stuck in the most pathetic situations. His unconventional batting (one of his trademark shots was called the ‘helicopter shot‘), his out of the box decisions and his amazingly cool temperament in high pressure situations made him the most successful captain of our country and I know we will always be thankful for the day MSD was chosen to lead India. Here are some of the reactions we saw on Twitter:

1) There seems to be sadness everywhere

dhoni tweet
Source: Twitter @PWNStar629

Why you going this, Dhoni?

2) People aren’t afraid to show how heartbroken they are

dhoni 5
Source: Twitter @jay_pokkiri

Why, why?

3) We were all reminded of our old age

Source: Twitter @gautumverma23

The T20 World Cup (where Dhoni showed he’s the perfect captain) happened 7 years ago! Wow.

World Cup 2007 T20

4) Of course, there was talk on how Virat Kohli is going to handle captaincy

Source: Twitter @thetanmay


5) And what the BCCI will now stand for

Source: Twitter @varungorver


6) People were thankful for his contribution

Source: Twitter @Ritesh_Zaveri

No pressure for World Cup 2015 Dhoni, no pressure.

7) While some knew the REAL cause of his retirement

Source: Twitter @GabbarSingh

The only match that matters.

8) Actions really do speak louder than words

Source: Twitter @sugan3rocks


9) It is a universally acknowledged fact that reaching his level will be a tough task indeed

Source: Twitter @gaggycool

O Captain! My Captain!

10) Nobody forgot how respectful Dhoni is…

Source: Twitter @smbijili

The perfect sportsman, team-player and human being.

11) And there were talks of some onions being cut somewhere

Source: Twitter @SahilRiz

Really don’t know why there my eyes are watering either!

12) Last, but not the least, no one forgot how important he was for bringing back the World Cup

Source: Twitter @CricCrazNIKS

The six that got us our second ODI World Cup in 2011.

World cup

Hashtags like #Respect and #ThankYouMSD are trending right now – just shows how much love we have for Dhoni in our hearts. Thank you, Captain.

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