Sid Mallya
Sid Mallya

Not long after the awesome Google hangout we had with Sid Mallya himself, the hottie was an absolute sport and came back with us to pay the office a visit! We saw this as the perfect opportunity to get him to let us in on some inside scoop! So here’s what he had to say – ladies, pay close attention, please 🙂

Psst, MissMalini‘s little Fendi Qutweet even got to nibble on his ear!

1) When we asked him which actress he would most like to be stuck in an elevator with…

Sid replied quite promptly with “Mila Kunis“. Even though she’s a brand new momma, she still makes for one sexy lady! Good pick Sid.

Mila Kunis & Sid Mallya
Mila Kunis & Sid Mallya

2) When we asked him what his IDEAL date consisted of…

This led to some intense recounting of events which began with a long, dark drive through a jungle (essentially a night safari) in South Africa. Sid then went on to describe the romantic candle-lit dinner set up (planned to the T by Sid), which awaited him and his date at the end of the drive! He loved the idea of being surrounded by wild animals while having dinner – rather risqué, but oh so sexy! Who doesn’t love a man who loves to live on the edge?!

3) Of course we had to ask him which movie character he best represented!

This one was a no brainer apparently – Russell Brand for the win! I mean he has the token British accent and he certainly speaks his mind – Sid’s words exactly.

Sid Mallya at the MM Google Hangout
Sid Mallya at the MM Google Hangout

4) Onwards to more questions of interest… we happened to ask him what the perfect proposal would be like!

Sid’s answer to this was rather prompt. All it involved was a BMW, a ring and Sid down on one knee… perhaps even two! Enough said.

5) And last but not least, Team MM asked Sid what song of his choice he would use to serenade the girl of his dreams…

Ok, so no amount of words can do justice to what we witnessed at the office. Here, let me show you just how dreamy things got…

We had a gala time hanging with Sid! And I’m not even kidding when I say he had us in fits of laughter pretty much throughout the entire day. Now here’s everything you need to watch, whether you’re feeling sad or ugly!

Make sure you check out more Sid Sessions on YouTube! In fact, his latest Christmas vid with Nargis was recently up and has the duo cracking us up!

Definitely worth watching 🙂