This Hilarious Video Scathingly Shows How Indian Society Can Sometimes Be The Worst

Shreemi Verma , 31 Dec 2014
anu aunty

YouTube channel Enthu Cutlet recently released a video depicting the shit the Indian youth goes through because of the Anu Aunties of the world! Wondering who Anu Aunty is? Well, Anu Aunty, in this video, represents our society. A society that wishes we were just engineers or doctors. They are sadly unaware of the fact that people today might want to do something else, and not conform to the norms. The whole ‘log kya kahenge‘ syndrome is a shackle most of us want to break! I know you want to know more, so just watch the video! Oooh, and if you’re watching this in public, make sure you’ve got headphones on – there’s some mild swearing in there you might not want an employer/parent to hear!

I love the part where he goes ‘But I’m glad that Steve Jobs never had an AUNT LIKE YOU!’ This video is based on the book How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company, and we really loved the video and the message and hope some of the Anu aunties of the world watch it for a much-needed reality check!

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