3 Amazing Real Life Love Stories That Prove Your Great Romance is Out There!

Priyam Saha , 05 Jan 2015

If Laajo ji from Kal Ho Na Ho is anything to go by, then there’s no such thing as love. Do you agree?

It was the first night of the new year when my two girlfriends and I had already broken our ‘no drinking’ resolution by evening and were ready to go get some drinks by night. As we sat around sipping on some gorgeous wine (yes, wine can be gorgeous) and discussing life as we knew it, an oft repeated topic of conversation came up – love! And then one of them said, “There’s way too much pressure on you for finding a perfect love story! You know one too many!”

Vidya Balan

Sigh. As someone who has had her fair share of dating experience, if there’s a story I know “one too many” of, it’s the one with the break up. But what caused her remark was that I started telling them about our very own MissMalini and her mister, Nowshad Rizwanullah. You have already read their super romantic proposal story here and over these brief months of knowing them I have gotten slightly privy to a few of their anecdotes. But you know my favourite?

MissMalini & Nowshad
MissMalini & Nowshad

So the first time Nowshad told Malini he loved her was about 8 whole months of dating each other! It was also the same night that he told her that he had to leave for Harvard (Damn you, education!). Overwhelmed by way too many emotions, when Malini asked him if she should wait for him, he said:

It’s taken me so long to find you, how can I not come back for you?

I’m awwing as I type this, I kid you not. Evidently enough, he did come back and the two of them make magic happen. As cliche as it sounds, it is truly inspiring to see them both work together. Can you imagine working with your spouse and still find it in your heart to love them the same? Well, they own that department.

Aakarsh Sibal, Shireen Parhee
Aakarsh Sibal, Shireen Parhee

Case in point 2: Meet Shireen Parhee, my senior from school. Totally gorgeous, totally cool. Aakarsh Sibal and she make an adorable couple but their story is more adorable than they can ever be. They met when she was 14 and he was about 17; a perfect setting for puppy love. Sadly enough, they were forced to part ways as stories go. They always managed to keep in touch, though. He saw her through her break ups and she saw him through all his women. Super Aisha (Emma/Clueless) deja vu, no?

Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor in Aisha
Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor in Aisha

Anyway, what remained a constant was them and unsurprisingly, they’re together and very happy!

He was the first boy to tell me he loved me and will be the last man to tell me this. To 11 years of togetherness, we look forward to 89 more.

It’s like they took Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and removed all the crap about the girl having to change every inch of her soul to be with her soulmate.

*warmth in heart*

Ajit Singh, Raveena Chaudhry
Ajit Singh, Raveena Chaudhry

And now for some wedding bells – A perfect example of ‘when you know, you know.’ Raveena Chaudhry was dating Ajit Singh‘s best friend (of 16 years no less) in school. That’s how the two met. Years later, Ajit and she met, got along super well and promised to be each other’s wingmen. However, in true Bollywood style, they ended up falling for each other. Right when love was starting to blossom, she left the North East for a month of travelling. And then one night, he booked his tickets to Shillong and joined her. The rest, as they say, is history.

He made me meet everyone right in the first month of us dating, so I guess we both knew even then that this was it!

Ajit Singh, Raveena Chaudhry
Ajit Singh, Raveena Chaudhry

The proposal, you ask?

He asked his little cousin Abree (who is a very talented guitarist) to play the song This I Promise You by Ronan Keating while he went down on his knees and asked me to marry him in front of his entire family. That was on 25th of July 2014. And we were married by the end of the year!

That’s right kids! Love truly just happens. When you look at the both of them, they just sort of fit – and isn’t that what we all want? Someone to really fit with?

Okay. So may be I do know one too many stories but that’s not why I want my perfect love story. I want mine because that’s what we all deserve.

All I’m asking for you is to not settle. Don’t put up with your boyfriend not being able to give you time and don’t entertain your girlfriend treating you like shit, because your great romance is out there. Wait for the Universe to do its thing.

Relationship Goal: Someone I  know tells my love story to their friends over glasses of some gorgeous wine.

So the next time I think I truly love someone, I am going to set them free. And then stalk them on their social media, of course.

But you get my point, right?

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