Disney Princess Zodiac Signs

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2015 is here! Yay! Now as you must know, I’m quite a zodiac sign specialist and that is exactly why I’ve decided to inform everyone interested what their bae (from a particular zodiac) would really REALLY like! Please note that after following these tips you’ll be overwhelmed with love for me and my acute observation, so don’t forget to show your love and appreciation in the comments below!

1) Aries

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They really do! People born under the Aries zodiac sign are under the impression that they are indeed part God, part human and fully fabulous! So basically you are supposed to bow down to them whenever you see them. Also start crying to them about all your problems and expect instant solutions because that’s what Gods basically do, don’t they?

2) Taurus

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Just keep serving them food. More food. More and more food. Stuff them until they think they’re going to burst; they’ll be rather uncomfortable but trust me, they’ll fall in LOVE with you!

3) Gemini

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4) Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Signs
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Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra are Cancerians; they’re out of your league and so are the others from this zodiac. Don’t bother.

5) Leo

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Under the impression that they’re the kings of the world. Tell them they remind you of Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister). Don’t think that’ll culminate into love but at least that’ll get you their attention!

6) Virgo

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Virgos are sweet, don’t need to do much. Just be sweet – really, really sweet. Other signs might find you creepily sweet but Virgos will be like ‘Wow, what a sweetie!’

7) Libra

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Be the balance in their lives; they think they are balanced but they aren’t. They’re quite shady actually.

8) Scorpio

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Stay away man, the best way to describe a Scorpio is by describing ‘Amazing Amy’ from Gone Girl or Taylor Swift‘s ‘Blank Space‘ video! Get it, get it?

9) Sagittarius

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Sagittarius love fire! (Most of them suffer from pyromania.)

10) Capricorn

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They are into goats… not like in the eating or the petting way… more like in the sexual way. Call the cops on these guys!

11) Aquarius

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Source: Tumblr.com

*Puff puff pass bro*

12) Pisces

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*Puff puff pass bro* But then also listen to my philosophies on nihilism and my rants on how time is basically a flat circle and how we’re all biological puppets…basically your Pisces love is Rust Cohle from True Detective.

Now wasn’t all that rather helpful?