Arjun Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha Answer YOUR Twitter Questions!

Arjun Kapoor & Sonakshi Sinha Answer YOUR Twitter Questions!

Swagata Dam
Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha
Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha

As promised, post our interview, we got Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha to answer some of the questions that YOU guys suggested on Twitter. And the cool and carefree youngsters gave rather fun answers. Check these out!

Here’s the transcription for those who prefer reading over watching interviews (and the ones with slow internet).

Which question do you guys hate answering?

Arjun Kapoor: Aapne ek doosre se kya tips li? Kya Sonakshi ne aapko koi acting ki tips di? Aapke papa ne aapko kya tips di? Nobody has ever tipped me. And nobody gives tips to one another. It’s conversation that happens. I feel like saying koi tips nahi deta boss!

Sonakshi Sinha: And haan, aapne kya pranks play kiye? Who plays pranks on set? Nobody plays pranks anymore.

AK: [Screams into her ear]

SS: This is not a prank, this is being an idiot!

AK: Ya, so tips and pranks.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SS: Pizza. That would be really unhealthy. So I will not do that but if I could, I would.

AK: I don’t know yaar, one…ek se mera kya hoga? If I had to choose one it would be my home cooked, my ghar ka khaana, if I could go back to that anytime and keep eating, like there’s laal maas something hat very famous in our house, with chawal, and rajma and karaari bhindi.

SS: Basically everything! They asked for one thing.

AK: Ek se mera kuch nahi hoga.

Tevar Poster

What’s the longest period of time you’ve gone without sleep?

SS: 18 hours.

AK: When I was an assistant it used to be more, it’s gone up to a day and a half.

SS: Yay, I have gone more then that, 24 hours.

AK: Who keeps you awake?

SS: No this was a while back, I had gone for a party or something then I had to go and shoot an ad. But I looked as fresh as ever, so.

AK: SO that way toh 48 hours would be for me, 2 days continuously we were working, I was an assistant – not since I’ve become an actor.


Describe each other in 5 words, no sentences.

AK: 5 words is too many


SS: You start!

AK: Boxers or briefs?

SS: You describe me like that?

AK: No, I am asking you, you have to answer.

SS: No comment.

AK: The nation wants to know.

SS: Nobody wants to know except for you.

AK: 5 words to describe her

SS: 3… what… I leave them speechless, what can I say?

AK: I would say nice… this is the problem, when you want to say they come out of your mouth. The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Sonakshi – simple, sorted.

SS: The opposite of all these three is this man!

AK: How convenient! I would like to believe I’m pragmatic.

SS: Acha.

Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha in Tevar
Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha in Tevar

AK: I’m just thinking of big words.

SS: Ya please describe yourself.

AK: Pragmatic is the only one. Matlab Janti ho?

SS: Yes! What do you think? We studied in the same school.

AK: I didn’t study.

SS: Except you didn’t go to college after that, I went.

AK: Exactly. Answer. Three words.

SS: Tall, dark and handsome. [laughs]… three words. We’re done!

AK: That took ages and there was so much awkward silence… oh you laugh at this now!

In case you can’t get enough of these too, we’ve got another video from Arjun and Sonakshi coming your way in the next few days. From fitness to dance – my colleague Mishti Shirke quizzed them about several things. So stay tuned, guys! And don’t forget to watch Tevar this weekend!