5 Important Life Lessons One Can Learn From Altaf Raja Songs!

Shreemi Verma , 09 Jan 2015
Altaf Raja
Source: Saavn.com

Where is Altaf Raja these days? The man with a ‘voice of love‘ made a comeback with Ghanchakkar in 2013 after like AGES, but now he’s gone again! Please someone tell him that I miss him and that I have learnt major life lessons from his amazing songs. Don’t believe me? Check out this list and proceed to thank me for changing your lives.

1) Don’t trust strangers.

Altaf is bang on target when he declares that people who live far away will take the next train and go away when problems arise. Pardesi also means ‘stranger‘ in my head, so I’ll use this song as a metaphor for the advice my mum always gave me when I was a toddler, that is not to talk to strangers. On that note, there’s that ‘Mama told me, don’t be talking to the strangers, stranger is dangerrrrr‘ song that pops into my head more on that later.

Also, did you know this song is like 14 minutes long? I had no idea, but the video is worth it.

2) Love is fun, so is the wait…

I think he means wait a little before you put out. Who knew Altaf was a part of the moral police? Nice work my Raja.

3) Ask someone to look into our heart if they don’t really trust us.

Altaf is actually saying ‘come into my heart to see the love‘ but I think that’s impossible unless you’re a surgeon.

4) Rather die alone than be with a cheater!

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Vicious circle, stay away. Always listen to #AwesomeAltaf

5) Always make a swaggerlicious comeback!

Just like a Raja does.

Which Altaf Raja chartbuster is your favourite?

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