Ever Wanted To Try Online Dating WITHOUT The Creeps? Well, There's An App For That

Rashmi Daryanani , 09 Jan 2015

If you’re single and actively looking for a partner, online dating is likely something that has crossed your mind – but it may have also been something that you’ve dismissed. The concept of online dating is appealing, actually, because it means you can connect with someone immediately. But anyone who’s ever tried it knows that it’s a whole different ball game when you actually take the leap – mostly because you have to filter through a ton (and I do mean a ton) of creeps before you actually meet someone worth talking to.

Luckily, there’s a dating app out there that understands that sometimes you just don’t want to go through all of this – and so they do all the work for you. Woo is an app that cuts out so many of the negative aspects and problems of online dating so that what you’re left with is a considerably easier, more fun way to make connections with people out there… and potentially meet your soulmate. Here are 5 reasons Woo really impressed us an app, and why we’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in meeting someone online but sick of running into weirdos:

1. They’ve got a fake profile checker

Source: Tumblr @we-love-bollywood
Source: Tumblr @we-love-bollywood

Everyone who signs up does so using their Facebook profile, but unlike other apps, someone can’t just create a new (read: fake) profile to log in with. Woo has a special, intelligent algorithm that checks all profiles to see whether they have a valid Facebook history and a credible friends network. In addition to that, they manually check new profiles, which really helps in ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

2. They curate their profiles

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Woo is intended for urban, single professionals, and so they ensure everyone who signs up meets that criteria. There’s a rigorous process at the backend to make sure that the community is pre-filtered and all the trolls don’t make their way in. The best part, though? No married people. No one in a relationship. No one who’s just in it to pass their time.

3. They don’t divulge names

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If you’ve ever worried about your security online, then Woo has you covered too. They display only your initials, not your name, which means someone can’t try to stalk you online on other mediums if you’re not interested in speaking to them.

4. They’ve got a “circle of trust”

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever (source: reactiongifs.com)

If you like someone’s profile and notice that you have a mutual friend, you can ask your friend to step in and play Cupid! They can make the introduction, allowing for a much more personal connection.

5. They’re local!

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The worst thing would be if you came into contact with someone online, liked them, and then realised they live in a different city. Woo ensures that you’re connected with people in your city, so that long distances don’t act as a spoiler when you meet someone you’re interested in getting to know better.

One of the main problems with dating in India is that sometimes it seems like you run into only two kinds of people – those who are interested in only very casual hook-ups, and those who are looking for someone to get married to right away. If you fall somewhere in the middle, and want a proper relationship but don’t want to go the arranged marriage route, Woo is worth checking out. Not only does it make the process easier for those who are looking for serious relationship, but it also increases your chances of really meeting someone eligible and interesting.

Convinced? Then get it on the App Store or on the Play Store, and check out their website and Twitter for more information.

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