Is Your Life Even Worth Living If You Don't Have 'Tapatap' In It? #ShadyThingsOnTheInternet

Shreemi Verma , 09 Jan 2015

I’m sure you have seen this video before (it was being shared practically everywhere) but I think it’s popularity has resurfaced because my wonderful Swag (Swagata from Team MissMalini) shared this video with me saying that it’ll make me laugh. In case you’re wondering whether it made me laugh or not, OF COURSE IT DID! IT’S HILARIOUS! And because I’m a nice person, I think you should watch it too, right now!

Wasn’t your life incomplete before you saw this ad? Wasn’t it? I can’t sleep without listening to that lady sing ‘tapaaaaatapppp‘ to me anymore. Get that soap in your life now!

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