Shah Rukh Khan Opens Up About Some Of The Tough Calls He Has Made In His Personal Life!

Joginder Tuteja , 09 Jan 2015
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is pretty much playing a role of his lifetime. In his next film Fan, he will be seen in a double role; as a commoner, and in the role of a superstar Shah Rukh Khan. This is a cool case of fact meeting fiction, real life meeting reel life and lines between reality and the surreal getting blurred. Fan is also an apt milestone in the career of Badshah Khan who has been active in the world of films for 25 years. However when he’s at home and with family, he is a totally different man, something that also befits a superstar and personality of his stature.

Here’s the excerpt from a quick chat with the superstar.

What does Shah Rukh Khan mean to his family, and vice versa?

At home, I’m just a regular guy. (Smiles) As a matter of fact no one at home ever asks me how my day was at the shoot or how the weekend collections of my latest film turned out to be. I also never initiate any such conversation as I don’t feel like doing that. Also, the fact remains that I am not as good or bad as people may see from the outside. My family knows me the best.

But then there is a name Shah Rukh Khan always attached to them.

See, they would always have that comparison. Any famous public figure will always have an advantage and then a disadvantage. This is the reason why I want my kids to study abroad. Yes, of course I would like them to be around me here in Mumbai and I do miss my son who is abroad. But then you have to make those choices; we as parents made one.

A tough call though?

Yes, because my children will always suffer from my shadow. You can’t do anything about it. You can either be a superstar or wonder about such things. They would have to learn to live with it. It is an unfortunate thing because whatever good or bad happens to them, it would always be a little larger than life.

We love how open Shah Rukh has always been about his life and family and everything else along the way!

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