East India Comedy Shows You 10 Reasons Why North East Indians Are Better Than You!

Shreemi Verma , 14 Jan 2015
Sorabh Pant
Source: YouTube.com

East India Company have released a brilliant video on how the Seven Sisters are basically the best thing to happen to India! Sorabh Pant talks about a) the major contribution North East Indians have made to the Indian Army and sanitation; b) that China wants them so bad; and c) the fact that they gave us Mary Kom and ARNAB F*&KING GOSWAMI! He also talks about the horrible crimes our countrymen have had to face, the reasons for which are borderline crazy.

The video states facts with dollops of sarcasm and is something all Indians should definitely see.

Isn’t this one of the best videos you’ve seen lately? Nice work guys!

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