Why Did Priyanka Chopra Not Attend Farah Khan's Birthday Bash?

Industrywalla , 15 Jan 2015

There was news doing the rounds that Farah Khan didn’t invite Priyanka Chopra for her birthday party. The truth is that PC was in Maldvies shooting for an ad film, so there was no way she could be at the birthday party anyway. However, to make up for it, it seems that PC wished Farah in advance and even sent her some flowers.

Having said that, there is no smoke without fire – while rumours seem to be blown out of proportion, there is a little truth to the assumption that Farah and Priyanka aren’t friends. It seems this started when Farah heard that the actress had said some not-so-flattering things about her husband, Shirish Kunder. As a result, Farah has tried to keep her distance from the actress. However, with time, the ice thawed – not to mention, common friends played peacemakers too.

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