8 Lyrics That Prove Yo Yo Honey Singh Would Make A Great Boyfriend

Anisha Yadav , 17 Jan 2015
Yo Yo Honey Singh & Sonakshi Sinha
Yo Yo Honey Singh & Sonakshi Sinha

I still remember the first time I proclaimed my love for Yo Yo Honey Singh. I also clearly remember the reaction I got from my dad. I mean, how can I forget? He stated that choices like these would lead to the downfall of my generation. Too harsh, don’t you think dad? I am sure my dad isn’t the only one who feels that way about Honey Singh. So, to prove them wrong, I came up with 8 reasons that make Honey Singh a good boyfriend.

1) He Doesn’t Mind Taking Pictures

More #selfie moments!!

Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench, phooti kismat hogi teri
Gar tune ye baat na maani

source: giphy.com
source: giphy.com

2) He Likes Desi Girls

Which means, he accepts you for who you are #priceless

Gori gori kudiyan nu koi munh laave na
Kudiye ni tere brown rang de, munde patt
te ni saare mere town de

source: tumblr.com
source: tumblr.com

3) He Compliments You

Without you asking. #perfectboyfriend

Blue eyes, hypnotise teri kardi a mennu,
I swear! Chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu,
Glossy lips, uff yeah tricks,
Baby lagdi e killer

source: giphy.com
source: giphy.com

4)He Comprehends The Power Of High Heels

So, he would understand your need to wear them and complain later. Umm, a quick question, would he carry them for us as well?

Pehli baat to ye, jo tu tik tok tik tok chalti hai
Maana ye saari teri high heels ki galti hai
Rok toh jaa tu hang on, ye to bata tu hai kaun
Kahan se aayi hai, kaha ko jaayegi
Pagal ladki mujhe marwayegi

source: giphy.com
source: giphy.com

5) He Duals As A Planner

This man will rap the list, which fyi includes the lip gloss. Packing has never been so much fun!

Take you ID, your passport
Credit card, pass-code
Zipper, your slipper
Your fridge te lageya sticker
Your glossy lipper

source: giphy.com
source: giphy.com

6) He Worries About Your Health

Everything aside, your health is his priority.

Niri Sukki Vodka Na Mareya Karo
Nale Thoda Bhot Limca bhi Pa liya Karo
Naale Thorre Teeke Sheeke Tussin Kha Leya Karo
Evein Khali Tiddh Liver Na Saarrheya Karo

source: tumblr.com
source: tumblr.com

7) He Is “Settled”

Which means, he has it all!

Aap kitne paise kamate hain?
Bas jitna aapki beti
Ek mahine mein udati ha
Hai ghar, hai paisa, hai gaadi

Source: Gifsoup.com

8) He Is Responsible

His protection game is spot on.

Main tera raja hoon, tu meri rani hai, Baby suraksha hi saavdhani hai

source: tumblr.com
source: tumblr.com

So, dad, are we on #teamhoneysingh now?

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