Aww! Are Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna The Cutest Couple Ever?

Shreemi Verma , 17 Jan 2015
akshay twinkle
Source: Instagram @akshaykumar

Today, 14 years ago, is the day Bollywood’s most popular playboy Akshay Kumar committed himself (mind, body and soul) to the gorgeous Twinkle Khanna and gave us one of the cutest couples Bollywood has seen! And even after 14 years, the two of them look like teenagers spending their one-month anniversary together (yea, that stuff happens). Seriously, our hearts melted when we saw them gushing over each other on social media in their own little ways. Twinkle, who has shown us all how hilarious she is, started the hashtag #WorstGiftEver and gave us these gems on Twitter.

It started like this…

twinkle 1
Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

Making us think that Akshay Kumar is in serious trouble

Then this…

Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

Check out the trailer of MSG if you haven’t already.

Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

Who wouldn’t want Arnab Goswami screaming into our ears for four hours non-stop?

But then she tweeted this adorable picture of both of them

Twinke 4
Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

So cute!

Not far behind, Akshay Kumar shared this beautiful picture with a message that will warm your icy hearts

Akshay Twinke 1

Seriously, how cute can these two get? Stay amazing Twink-Shay!

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