Paddington the Movie
Paddington the Movie

I wasn’t sure if I was being a bad mother taking my 2.5-year-old daughter to a movie, but then this proper British English speaking bear made me feel much better about it (anything spoken in a British accent sounds appropriate). It brought me back to my childhood Mary Poppins days, with the addition of a cuddly marmalade-addicted little Bear!

This was such a fun movie to attend. Not only for the funny bits in the movie, but for the constant giggles and laughter coming from the children in the audience. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard my daughter laugh so much!  I asked Veda to tell me what she loved most about the movie, and I’d have to agree. Here are her top three favorite things!

1. First, the music! It wasn’t like your standard Disney musical. Instead, they included snippets of the old time Calypso bands playing on the streets. I actually saw Veda patting her hands on her knees along to the songs.

2. Her next favorite thing was seeing London. Throughout the movie she would point out the Double Decker buses or the London Bridge and say, “looks its London Mumma!” I didn’t even have to pay for a flight! 😉

3. And finally, she loved all the silliness. Paddington is filled with your typical British slapstick comedy.   You really can’t help yourself from giggling at all the trouble a little bear can get into!

Do be warned that Nicole Kidman is quit scary as the Villain.  I had to skip over the whole, “what is a taxidermist?” question and pretend that she just wanted Paddington all to herself.

Whether you have children or not, I highly recommend this movie.  You are guaranteed to leave smiling. Paddington the Movie releases in India on January 16th, 2015. Grab your marmalade sandwich and go see it!