11 Awesome Things Sushant Divgikar Told Us About Bigg Boss 8 (And Beyond!)

Marv D'Souza , 18 Jan 2015
Bigg Boss season 8's Sushant Digvikar and MissMalini's Marv D'Souza
Bigg Boss season 8’s Sushant Digvikar and MissMalini’s Marv D’Souza

He probably was one of the most entertaining house mates on Bigg Boss season 8. So, when MissMalini asked me to do a 1 on 1 interview with Sushant Divgikar, I said “Hell Yeah!” It’s no secret that Divgikar is talented. He can dance, sing and go from adorable to “Oh-No-He-Didn’t!” in 0.5 seconds. So when we sat him down for a chat, we asked about everything. From his academic background, to the Mr. Gay World pageant and now Bigg Boss. And as cheeky as I am, I slipped in an important (to me) question. Here are 11 ‘Aha’ moments when Sushant Divgikar amazed us at the MissMalini office!

But first, check this out!

And now prepare to have your mind blasted :)

Do you think they look alike?
Do you think they look alike?

1. When he tackled the million dollar question, “Why do people say I (Marv) look like you?”

Frankly, I had saved this question for later. But the moment he sat in front of me, I had to ask! People have confused me for him before (4 times to be precise), and I had to ask him about his view on this absurd situation. He didn’t think so and neither do I. So that’s that!

2. When he mentioned that he’s a certified psychologist.

This is why this boy is amazing. And now to try to get him to spill some psycho-analytical details on the house mates!

3. His reason for entering the Mr. Gay World pageant was, “I wasn’t getting any younger!

I was expecting a heavy answer and was praying that he wouldn’t spew cliches at me. He didn’t! #BlessHim.

Winner, Sushant Divgikar
Sushant Divgikar

4. When he prayed the ‘hot’ people in the house wouldn’t open their mouths and ruin their hotness.

Sound familiar? I’m sure a good lot of us have had this moment when we see someone attractive and go, “Please don’t be stupid!”

5. When he called Diandra his “makeshift mommy”.

We all know that Diandra Soares is an absolute sweetheart. And to the youngest boy in the house, Di played ‘mommy’ too! Awww :)

Sushant Divgikar, Diandra Soares
Sushant Divgikar, Diandra Soares

6. When he hinted that he wasn’t in the house for “an audition” like “some” people.

Let’s face it. We all know that a few contestants in the house, through all the seasons, are all kinda aiming to revive their careers!

7. When he said “Bigg Boss” needs help *lol*

Sushant mentioned his background in psychology, I had to probe him about his thoughts on the infamously faceless Bigg Boss. Not one to disappoint, his reply was candidly hilarious! See for yourself, here.

Sushant tried to pick one person who he thought  was the most annoying
Sushant can’t help Bigg Boss

8. When he got Upen Patel his meds.

During the interview, Sushant told us that he is still friends with everyone. In fact, Diandra and Upen Patel are two house-mates, he regularly connects with. Upen was ill for our #MMFriday hangout and Sushant even went and got him his medicines. Awww!

9. When he fabulously apologized for the Gautam Gulati controversy.

Considering that Sushant was one of the “bigger” personalities in the house. I let him take the stage and clear the air on whatever he wished to clear. And he chose the Gautam Gulati controversy.

10. When he pointed out that Praneet ‘annoyed’ everyone!

Who was the most annoying person in the house? According to Divgikar, it was Praneet Bhatt. But I don’t really believe him. He definitely was playing this one safe. I’m on to you Sushant! #EyeSpy

11. When Sushant spoke to the “haters”.

While the LGBT rights movement in the country gets stronger by the minute, I had to ask Sushant to speak his mind to the “haters” in the community and in general. And he brilliantly did!

I tried to get him to take name.
I tried to get him to take name.

From my questions, we moved on to a quick rapid-fire round and I knew the boy would deliver yet again. Here are his answers!

Team MissMalini:  If you had one meal to eat for the rest of your life… What would it be?

Sushant Divgikar: Dal and rice

Team MM: The best compliment you’ve ever received?

SD: That I’ve got the best b*tt which, I’ve lost in the Bigg Boss house. I didn’t get food.

Sushant Divgikar
Sushant Divgikar

Team MM: One question you hate answering?

SD: Are you “a” gay?

Team MM: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

SD: Am I gonna look as pretty? Because I have not gone to a salon, in like a week.

Team MM: Your greatest fear?

SD: A bad date.

Ali Quli Mirza and Sushant Divgikar
Ali Quli Mirza and Sushant Divgikar

Psst.. speaking of bad dates! click here! Now back to the quick fire!

Team MM: Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

SD: Siddharth Malhotra

Team MM: And who would you never want to be stuck in an elevator with?

SD: *giggle and sigh* Oooooh! No comments…. A lot of people. They’ll know when they propose to me. In case, they want to get stuck (in the elevator).

Team MM: And your reply would be?

SD: I’ll shout for help. Or I’ll kill them *death stare*

Team MM: What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?

SD: It’s too naughty for camera! Next question.

Team MM: Favourite topping on a pizza?

SD: Cheese. A lot of it.

Team MM: If Team MissMalini came over? What would you feed us?

SD: Maggie. I can… I can cook pork well but everyone doesn’t eat.

Team MM: What was your last dream about?

SD: *long pause* Myself!

He dreamt about someone else too but you have to watch the video for that! Now for some more juice on Bigg Boss via Mr. Divgikar!


Is there a question you wish we’d ask Sushant. Or do you have something you wanna ask any other contestant? We having a super fun Bigg Boss special #MMFriday coming up on the 23rd of January. Stay tuned and rsvp here for updates!

So be sure to send in your questions, if you really, really need an answer. Or just write in to say, ‘hi!’ in the comments below!

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