20 Vintage Celebrity Ads That'll Make You Wish You Were Born Earlier!

Shreemi Verma , 19 Jan 2015
Vintage ads
Vintage ads

Old Bollywood was the best Bollywood. The actors, the music and even the storylines were far more superior and I think most of us agree with that. But the best part about them was their swag! Seriously, swagger used to literally radiate from their stills. So here’s a list of the coolest print ads our Bollywood stud muffins and sex bombs did – they’re cool enough to make you wish you were born during those times!

1) Take a look at a young, fresh but slightly unclear Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar
Source: Pinterest.com

Selling Red and White cigarettes like a stud.

2) Who knew biscuits were the secret to Gabbar Singh’s energy?

Amjad Khan
Source: Pinterest.com

Jai and Veeru should have just stolen his Glucose D supply instead of bothering to kill him, he would have decomposed to death!

3) Amitabh Bachchan is definitely ‘superstar material’ in this ad

Source: Pinterest.com

I’m sure Jaya Bachchan fell hard for him after seeing this one!

4) Speaking of Jaya, she really seems to dig this cabbage

Source: Pinterest.com

The leaves I give to others, the heart to you“. *Slow Clap*

5) The time Dilip Kumar became the face of a pickle

Dilip Kumar
Source: Pinterest.com

He looks confused too.

6) The time when Helen was the face of Lux

Source: Pinterest.com

And she was definitely the best brand ambassador Lux has had!

7) Look at Ashok Kumar sharing his secret

Ashok Kumar
Source: Pinterest.com

The secret behind why he changed to the Big 3 toothpaste.

8) This ad featured Jugal Hansraj as Raju

Jugal Hansraj
Source: Pinterest.com

Who turned into a dada in a short span of time!

9) Juhi Chawla channeling her inner Simi Garewal

Juhi Chawla
Source: Pinterest.com

Or Jeetendra… one never knows!

10) Kishore Kumar showing us how to keep your locks, luscious.

Kishore Kumar
Source: Pinterest.com

But do note, Brylcreem is for successful men only.

11) Mala Sinha who attributes her glowing complexion to the greatness of Lux

Mala Sinha
Source: Pinterest.com

I have a feeling she looks like one of Edward Cullen‘s family members, but maybe that’s just me.

12) Mithun smiling like a serial killer

Source: Pinterest.com

About to murder you with a VHS player.

13) Rajesh Khanna making nerd glasses look cool

Rajesh Khanna
Source: Pinterest.com

Before Harry Potter ever came into the picture.

14) When Rekha was the Lakme girl

Source: Pinterest.com

And couldn’t tell the difference between Lakme and ‘imported products‘.

15) When Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani wore matching outfits

Salman and Sangeeta
Rajesh Khanna

Cementing their status as the coolest couple of that time!

16) Suresh Oberoi smiling happily

Suresh Oberoi
Source: Pinterest.com

Maybe this was before Vivek was born.

17) Sushmita Sen just casually looking as gorgeous as ever

Sushmita Sen
Source: Pinterest.com

It’s a little sad that Sushmita‘s choice is Mohini Knitwears, but never mind.

18) Vinod Khanna showing us why he was a sex symbol of during those times

Vinod Khanna
Source: Pinterest.com

The current crop of boys have got nothing on this man!

19) Jackie [email protected]#!ing Shroff!

Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff

The King of everyone’s heart.

20) And of course, Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi
Source: memsaabstory.com

Showing us how hot the man has always been!

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