7 Things Air India's New Mascot Looks Like!

Shreemi Verma , 19 Jan 2015
Air India Mascot
Source: Twitter @hankypanty

Air India introduced it’s new mascot to us mortals the other day and let’s just say it wasn’t what we expected. The Maharaj has always been synonymous as Air India’s , but now the poor symbol just looks shady. Maybe it’s a sign that Air India is really going downhill! Here are 7 things this brand new mascot looks like according to the Internet (primarily Twitter).

1)  Akshar described the mascot as something rather unfortunate

Source: Twitter @AksharPathak

2)  Fluffy (love the name) perfectly stated the kind of person this shady mascot looks like!

Source: Twitter @curiousgawker

3) The Goan Boy was talking about those uncles who wear Charagh Din.

goan boy
Source: Twitter @schuuuck

4)  Sorabh Pant was spot on, but the mental image made us cry.

hanky panky
Source: Twitter @hankypanky

5)  And Samit made sure that we don’t look at this mascot directly…

samit basu
Source: Twitter @samitbasu

6) Varun Grover had the least offensive description

Source: Twitter @varungrover

7)  And finally, Rushdie explained it best!

Source: Twitter @RushdieExplains

We know things aren’t going great for you Air India but this mascot is ..ugh.

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