Sana Khan
Sana Khan

Sana Khan has been evicted from Bigg Boss Halla Bol, ending her two week stint in the house. Of course, this wasn’t her first time in the house (Remember Season 6?) and she had entered the house as a Challenger. Though her initial days saw her rather pumped about wanting to challenge Karishma Tanna, she failed in creating the required impact.

Here are revelations she made about her stay in the house:

1. The Reason For Her Eviction

The house needed some loud amplifiers and woofers, so a walk-man like me was not able to make any impression inside the house.

2. Her Agenda In The House

In my two weeks’ journey, I did my best to bring some positivity inside the house but everything went contrary to what I thought.

Sana Khan
Sana Khan

3. Everyone Else’s Agenda In The House

Everybody there wants to fight and create mess to seek attention. I can’t be like them.

4. On Why She Can’t Be Like “Them”

I can’t be like Ajaz Khan, who can entertain people with his loud behaviour to stay in the show for a long time. He has no competition with me. My personality and work style are totally different from his.

5. The Upen Patel-Karishma Tanna Relationship

It does not look authentic to me at all. If the audience does not feel it is real, how can it be? Everything has a logic but this (their relationship) was so sudden.

Sana Khan
Sana Khan

6. Her Predictions About The Next Eviction

I am sure the next to be eliminated is Mahek Chahal, even if Karishma and Dimpy Ganguly are nominated along with her. Karishma will benefit from the romantic angle with Upen and Dimpy and they will stay because Rahul is there, so they have their own story.

7. Is Bigg Boss Halla Bol Unfair?

I am honestly confused with the concept of Halla Bol. We are not given power to nominate champions. We have to do all the work in the house. So, how will we challenge them? We all had our targets when we entered the house but we cannot do anything. It is not equal play between champions and challengers.

8.  Who Is She Rooting For?


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