#MakeupMondays: These Are A Few Of Team MissMalini's Favorite Things!

Devanshi Kapadia , 19 Jan 2015
Team MissMalini at the L'Oréal Paris Shoot
Team MissMalini at the L’Oréal Paris Shoot

Everyone’s got one or two life essentials, whether it’s a white shirt or a favorite perfume, there are some things you just can’t do without. So, I decided, why not ask the girls at Team MissMalini what their essentials are, especially when it comes to makeup. We’re kicking off our round of #MakeupMondays by listing a few products we never leave the house without. Mine is definitely an eyebrow pencil because I look like an alien with my barely-there brows, and I might have a little bit of a brow obsession (guilty!).  But, what makes all the other girls tick? Find out…

1) MissMalini

Namrata Soni & Aarti Nayar work on MissMalini
Namrata Soni & Aarti Nayar work on MissMalini

I never leave the house without a little lip balm. Moisture is key, whether you’re wearing makeup or not!

2) Swagata Dam

Swagata Dam
Swagata Dam

I can’t do without my waterproof eyeliner, because it opens up my eyes and doesn’t trickle down my face, no matter what the day brings.

3) Shreemi Verma

Shreemi at the L'Oréal Paris Shoot
Shreemi at the L’Oréal Paris Shoot

You’ll always find hand-lotion in my bag. I love the amazing smell and it helps me combat that itchy, dry feeling. You can always use some on your knees or elbows too.

4) Anushka Mulchandani

Anushka at the L'Oréal Paris Shoot
Anushka at the L’Oréal Paris Shoot

I cannot leave the house without my Clinique primer. They have amazing primers that work wonders for your skin. You don’t always have to layer on foundation!

5) Mishti Shirke

Mishti at the L'Oréal Paris Shoot
Mishti at the L’Oréal Paris Shoot

I love bronzer. It’s my favorite. It adds a flush of color and dimension to your face when you’re looking pale.

6) Sheefa Gilani

Sheefa Gilani
Sheefa Gilani

I need my Lancôme Paris oscillating mascara with me at all times. Lashes make all the difference to your look and this one works like a miracle.

7) Priyam Saha

Priyam at the L'Oréal Paris Shoot
Priyam at the L’Oréal Paris Shoot

I will never leave my house without my body mist! It elevates my mood and my look after a  long and tiring day.

8) Rashmi Daryanani

Rashmi from MissMalini
Rashmi from MissMalini

Red lips! Everyone knows how much I love my lipsticks. And L’Oréal Paris’ Pure Reds collection is one of the best collection of reds I’ve ever seen.

A little makeup can go a long way, can’t it? What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without?

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