10 Reasons You Can't Afford To Miss The Weirdass Pajama Festival As Told By Vir Das Himself!

Priyam Saha , 21 Jan 2015
Vir Das
Vir Das

It’s that time of the year again, guys! Vir Das‘ much awaited Weirdass Pajama Festival is back and all set to give you the best weekend of the year. As a Pajama Fest loyalist, the upcoming weekend is one of my favourites and there’s no reason you should miss it! The Festival starts on the 23rd of January (Friday) and spans 3 cities, 120 shows and 100 artists!

But why take my word for it? We got Vir Das himself, to give you 10 great reasons why you have to be at the fest AND he did all this in 60 seconds – like a boss!

Check it out!

Here’s what he said:

1. Indians Are Cheap!

Indians are cheap! So if you buy a pajama ticket, you get a boxer ticket free! So you buy a ticket to watch Vir Das and you get to watch 15 other comics in a day for free!

So basically, with every show ticket you book for over Rs 1750, you get a free ticket that gives you access to more shows. Amazing, right?

2. It’s Everywhere!

Vir Das
Vir Das

Venues in every single zone – whether it’s Parel-ish or town or Bandra or beyond! Venues that are hosting running programming all day!

Weirdass Pajama Fest venues
Weirdass Pajama Fest venues

Score – Malad

Irish House – Andheri

Copa – Juhu

Sante’s – Bandra

Barking Deer – Lower Parel

Irish House – Colaba

That’s right! Let comedy come to you.

3. New Material!

Vir Das' Unbelievablish
Vir Das’ Unbelievablish

You get to see my new show!

After History of India and Battle of Da Sexes, Vir Das debuts his brand new show Unbelievablish at the Fest. He’s going to be talking about banging Buffy the Vamire slayer, talking with the President about lesbians and losing 4 million dollars in a drunk night. I can’t wait for this one!

4. Johnny Lever Tribute

Bollywood funnymen paying tribute to Johnny Lever. He’s not dead! We’re just saluting the guy and giving him an award.

Vir Das, Suresh Menon, Anupam Kher, Vinay Pathak and many more pay tribute to the legend and master of Indian comedy – Johnny Lever. It’s going to be legendary.

5. Funnier Women Are Sexier Women

The Feme-Funny Show
The Femme-Funny Show

10 beautiful, sexy ladies… all women are sexy and beautiful… these are sexier because they’re funny… with the female-only comedy gala!

10 gorgeous women from around the world take on the men of comedy; featuring Aditi Mittal, Radhika Vaz, Anu Menon and many more! #HellYeah

6. Death Is In Store

Comedy Death Race
Comedy Death Race

40 comics on the same stage at the same time until the audience DIES!

The best of the festival – one after the other. Only punchlines. You’ll be given no time to rest and no time to catch your breath. You will die laughing though.

7. The Best Of Britain

The Showstoppers Experience
The Showstoppers Experience

Showstoppers! Britain’s best improv group making their Indian debut at my festival!

All the way from Edinburgh, Showstoppers is the globally popular improv group who’ve learned how to make up a full musical on the spot based on audience suggestions!

8. Are You Ready To Be Liberated?

Vir Das And The American Invasion
Vir Das And The American Invasion

Me and five Americans are going to liberate your country with comedy.

They have a super fun news comedy show too – the craziest and the largest!

9. It’s Chill As F**k

Vir Das
Vir Das

You don’t have to bathe, you don’t have to buy hipster clothing, you don’t have to put flowers in your hair and make cheesy f*cking heart signs.

He said it! #ChillinLikeAVillian

10. Stay In Pajamas!

Vir Das
Vir Das

You can just show up, not shave at my festival, stay in your pajamas and comedy will take over your city and it’ll be f*cking awesome!

Laugh till you cry in the comfort of your pajamas. Did someone say heaven?

Book your tickets, already!

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